November Rage Thread

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    I don't play damba These days, because of the "Need Healing!" Spammers!
    One time I played as khan against a very noob team, I had a damba with my team, he wasn't even heal me he was flanking!!
    It's very BAD BECAUSE:

    • 4 - 0 of course we won
    • Damba was very very toxic, He even got top play:
      • Me: VER "I am proud to serve with you"
      • Damba: VVGQ "Silencccce"!!!!
    • That Toxic Damba says "Need Healing!" when he dies 😑 I was About to type in chat: "**** you"
    • Damba got 7k healing and me got 5k healing, weird


    I was About to type in chat: "**** you"

    I forgot that I was playing on switch πŸ™‚

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    @DaddyOoker Why is this in the rage thread?

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    @a_a Cause I'm pissed they don't care that they are releasing garbage like this. I'd post it as a bug here like on the old forum but they made it so you have to use other means to do so. It's easier to go to reddit and post it there - which I refuse to do. The history healing/shielding bug only took one match to discover and they missed it? It's truly pathetic.

  • @a_a the character on your profile is GRUMPY BOMB! The Sticky Bomb is something other...

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    Oh yeah. The can't change the loadout name bug... OMFG... If I create 3 loadouts with top points on the same card then all 3 loadouts will have the same name. This problem wasn't even there in the PTS when I tried it... Great work....

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    @KicsitCsicska It’s the same bug... try to clear the cookies in your browser? I tried it and it fixed this problem.

  • @a_a I don't think so, because you were able to change it to "Sticky Bomb". So you could also change it to Grumpy Bomb what it is actually...

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    @KicsitCsicska I changed it actually, but you can’t see the new pic for some reason.

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    Imani had a platinum frame - acct level 270 - never bought items, not AFK and below bot level damage. Someone care to explain what's going on?

    BS that Lex has more credits than me. Obvious I did way more.


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    Masters and diamond..tnx. BK murdering me. Went 2-4. Raum feels like glass.



  • @DaddyOoker First: (S)he maybe gave it to his noob friend or younger sibling/relative.
    Second: You still had best damage... Raum have to build up his soul armor first, or he dies easily.

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    I can't believe they didn't fix this...


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    EM, get your $#!+ together...

    Also, to people who throw because they don't get skin boosters, STOP.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in November Rage Thread:

    @DaddyOoker First: (S)he maybe gave it to his noob friend or younger sibling/relative.
    Second: You still had best damage... Raum have to build up his soul armor first, or he dies easily.

    The armor doesn't last. Edit: Appears it lasts 8 seconds. Where is this documented?

    Guru finally has the match:
    I took 194k damage. No wonder. Turns out is was a 5 stack... looks like at least 2 smurfs... The Barik maybe not but all he had to do was sit there.

    Edit: Now that I look at it some more the Barik smurf...
    Odd. I've seen 4 stack of noobs with low ELOs and it boosts the crap out of them but This 5 with high ELOs doesn't and goes against fairly close solos. Makes no sense.


  • Cardio Viktor versus a triple DPS comp


    Idiot trolls

  • When we almost won a 4v5 ranked game XD

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    Goes Raum against a comp with a Cassie, Bomb King, and Drogoz all after my @$$.

    My Flankers just feed and then VGS spam at the end of the game.

    Me: Okay, take these reports.

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    Anyway else find Raum's firing creep annoying? Eventually I have to reposition the mouse to keep it from going off the pad.

  • Banging my head off the wall with all these nooby champs (lex, Skye, Vivian, etc) always getting top play

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    Raum: exists
    Khan: "YOUR MINE"
    DPSes: "Ehh, we'll just go kill ourselves instead of actually trying to kill Khan"
    Result: 0-4 LOSS as expected, with three feeding DPSes who had no reason to be feeding so hard, while I manage to go 4/5/5 even after getting Khan ulted three times (and killed all three times because my DPS players had no brains between them).

    Also, can we please stop with the normie meme spam in the giveaway? It's annoying... πŸ˜‘ Also, let's take a moment to notice that who I only assume to be one of them downvoted this post.

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