November Rage Thread

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    @KicsitCsicska It’s the same bug... try to clear the cookies in your browser? I tried it and it fixed this problem.

  • @a_a I don't think so, because you were able to change it to "Sticky Bomb". So you could also change it to Grumpy Bomb what it is actually...

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    @KicsitCsicska I changed it actually, but you can’t see the new pic for some reason.

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    Imani had a platinum frame - acct level 270 - never bought items, not AFK and below bot level damage. Someone care to explain what's going on?

    BS that Lex has more credits than me. Obvious I did way more.


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    Masters and diamond..tnx. BK murdering me. Went 2-4. Raum feels like glass.



  • @DaddyOoker First: (S)he maybe gave it to his noob friend or younger sibling/relative.
    Second: You still had best damage... Raum have to build up his soul armor first, or he dies easily.

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    I can't believe they didn't fix this...


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    EM, get your $#!+ together...

    Also, to people who throw because they don't get skin boosters, STOP.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in November Rage Thread:

    @DaddyOoker First: (S)he maybe gave it to his noob friend or younger sibling/relative.
    Second: You still had best damage... Raum have to build up his soul armor first, or he dies easily.

    The armor doesn't last. Edit: Appears it lasts 8 seconds. Where is this documented?

    Guru finally has the match:
    I took 194k damage. No wonder. Turns out is was a 5 stack... looks like at least 2 smurfs... The Barik maybe not but all he had to do was sit there.

    Edit: Now that I look at it some more the Barik smurf...
    Odd. I've seen 4 stack of noobs with low ELOs and it boosts the crap out of them but This 5 with high ELOs doesn't and goes against fairly close solos. Makes no sense.


  • Cardio Viktor versus a triple DPS comp


    Idiot trolls

  • When we almost won a 4v5 ranked game XD

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    Goes Raum against a comp with a Cassie, Bomb King, and Drogoz all after my @$$.

    My Flankers just feed and then VGS spam at the end of the game.

    Me: Okay, take these reports.

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    Anyway else find Raum's firing creep annoying? Eventually I have to reposition the mouse to keep it from going off the pad.

  • Banging my head off the wall with all these nooby champs (lex, Skye, Vivian, etc) always getting top play

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    Raum: exists
    Khan: "YOUR MINE"
    DPSes: "Ehh, we'll just go kill ourselves instead of actually trying to kill Khan"
    Result: 0-4 LOSS as expected, with three feeding DPSes who had no reason to be feeding so hard, while I manage to go 4/5/5 even after getting Khan ulted three times (and killed all three times because my DPS players had no brains between them).

    Also, can we please stop with the normie meme spam in the giveaway? It's annoying... 😑 Also, let's take a moment to notice that who I only assume to be one of them downvoted this post.

  • @DaddyOoker said in November Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen said in November Rage Thread:

    @DaddyOoker said in November Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen said in November Rage Thread:

    @SuspendedLJ said in November Rage Thread:

    Need healing!!!! Okay okay, so I played Reso Ying. Enemy team had Jenos and Io. I had 1 teammate with Caut 1, the other caut 2. Meanwhile enemy team had 3 caut 3 and 2 caut 2. NEED futhermucker you need to buy cauterize.

    End result

    Ying 67k heals, 56k damage

    Io 55k heals, 56k damage
    Jenos 37k heals, 55k damage.

    But my team needs healing.... need to allow players to mute EVERYONE, those line messages are toxic and annoying.

    No... Resonance Ying as a solo healer is bad. It can't sustain a team by itself. Also, you should have gotten at least 75k healing considering that even though they had a little less healing than you, it was split between 2 people.

    I've had Resonance Yings in ranked without any problems. Depends on your team and their ability. The healing number means nothing without a time to go with it. 75k in 8 minutes is good while 75k for 18 minutes is not so good. Also two front vs one makes a big difference.

    Nope. Resonance Ying is usually a troll pick as a solo healer. As a tank, you barely even feel the heal. And I've personally never met a good Resonance Ying, and I've run into quite a few of them. A lot of them are idiots, hence they go Resonance, or they're trolls (loadouts where illusions have more health, illusions moving faster during shatter, etc). One Resonance Ying had 3 slots dedicated to shatter (I though the person of Resonance was NOT to shatter), one dedicated to giving illusions more health, and then dimensional link restores the illusions (the only good card in their deck). They didn't even have the card where the cooldown of illusions are reduced when the enemy kills it.

    People have the perception of Resonance Yings being trolls/bad, and Resonance Ying players certainly don't help themselves there.

    I've been front every time this happened. (I'm usually support or front in ranked). I usually just ask what talent the Ying plans so I can adjust accordingly. I usually use a loadout designed for more self sustain for these situations. The feeling of no heal is even worse for Jenos. The Jenos healers pocket the damage and flankers so I get next to nothing - I can rejuv till the cows come home but if I don't get a mark.... I'd rather have even a half decent Res Ying tbh.

    Jenos isn't made to really pocket tanks against a bunch of damage. He's made to boost the damage of the dps. As a tank I know I need to have some form of self sustain since I won't get healed as much, until he has it on a long cool down where he can sustain up to 3 people at once. However, unlike Resonance Ying, it's providing other utility. He's damage boosting, plus Jenos can void grip mobile flanks, off tanks trying to dive the back line, and other priority picks. Something Ying can't do.

    It's not as black and white as healing. Resonance just does nothing other healers can't do. As a matter of fact, it does nothing that Ying's other talents can't do better. Focusing Lens provides more damage and Life Exchange provides more healing. Therefore, Resonance is usually a troll pick.

  • @DaddyOoker said in November Rage Thread:

    @HeartQueen Just had a SJ Maeve on my team - did good. Khan is a real PITA.


    That Street Justice Maeve was going agaisnt Drogoz, Tyra, Life Exchange Ying, and Khan. It doesn't mean that they were just going after Raum. I'm talking about people picking Maeve and going Street Justice just to counter Raum. If you pick Street Justice Maeve as a counter to Raum, you're doing it wrong. Maeve isn't a counter to Raum unless there is a large skill gap, and there are way better counters to Raum than Maeve.

  • I'm tired of people blaming the everyone else in the match instead of the friend(s) they're queuing with. People also always blame the DPS, even when we work our asses off and get kills. Like me, Willo, and Maeve were killing and wrecking, but lost because of one of our healers and tank. I got 29 kills and 220k damage, Maeve got 25 kills and 175k damage. They kept telling me to focuse Grohk and me and Maeve WERE. Yet we lost because Seris picked Agony against Totemic Ward Grohk and Mother's Grace Inara, and our Ash was just useless. Though let everyone tell it, the healer and tank are never at fault.

    Being put in games where people have either bad builds or the default build. Like they'll be a Mortal Reach Seris without the Soul Forge card. Or a Barik without Bowling Ball. They'll go Mother's Grace Inara without Geomancer. Just bad builds that aren't compatible with their talent(s) at all. Or they'll pick the wrong talent for the situation/in general. Like Grohk picking Spirit's Domain when we have 2 healers. Skyes going the healing talent.

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    So I just had a Raum last game that was legit trying to flank.... While spamming VHS and I was legit getting SLAUGHTERED because Fernando and Viktor were CONSTANTLY up my @$$. AKA, being a toxic thrower who seemed to go out of their way to make sure their own healer got cucked as HARD as possible.

    I wish I could name this f***er so you all would know that they do this to people, and that I could have reported this $#!+ 10 times instead of just once.

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    This post is deleted!

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