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    Hello Champions! 👋 This is a rundown of the most important things to keep in mind when using the Community Creations subforum.

    This subforum allows for people to share the work that they have created as a fan, for the game, from videos to streams to champion concepts, and so much more.

    Allowed Topics
    We allow work that has been created by the community. It can be in the format of some video, a stream, text (story, champion concept, etc.), art, and any other media you can think of to make fan content for the game.
    While we do allow you to self-promote here, we ask that you do not bump your threads. If there's an active" thread (has a post from less than thirty days ago) on your content, please do not make a new one. Streamers can have a megathread and post whenever they go live. Video makers can either have a megathread similar to streamers or create a new thread each video.

    This subforum has one pinned posts (excluding this one):

    • "Paladins Resource Bank"
      • The Resource Bank is an official, public folder of Paladins assets. You can find almost anything you need for content creation needs, and if you can't, you can make a request for it to be added.

    Other Options:
    You can also share your content in the Official Paladins Discord server. You can use #community-videos for videos, #community-streams for streams, and #🎨share-fanart for anything fan-art related!

    Your content is always appreciated for the game, and it's always amazing to see what users come up with. We look forward to seeing what you end up creating! 🙂

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