Tigron Champion: Leopold, the heart of courage

  • Original concept was created roughly around the 20th of September 2018 and can be found here

    Leopold, the Heart of Courage

    Leopold is a descendant of one of the most influential Tigron families and serves as a knight to the Magistrate. His Father was part of the ancient Paladins but fell in their final battle. To honor his Father Leopold swore allegiance to Grand Magister Karne, as soon as Leopold came of age. Six years have passed since then. In his function as Knight he was tasked to hunt down any and all beings, that opposed the Law, independent from the Lawkeepers, as an Agent of the Magistrate, which he did with a fiery passion. But ever since Valera has reappeared, Leopolds faith has started to weaver.
    Whom was he to trust?

    Disclaimer: When I say Tigron, I imagine some kind of beastkin like Pip. The way I see it, Tigron are Humanoid Catpeople, that have both similarities to Tigers and Lions, since Tigron is the french word for Liger, a mixture of Lion and Tiger.
    Since real life Tigron/Liger are absurdly tall I picture the Tigron race in Paladins to be taller than average humans, which means that Maeve got her short stature from her Human side of the family and/or the high probability that she grew up on the streets.

    Leopold, the heart of courage
    Lineart and concept by me, color and shading by Mifika

    Class: Damage
    Health: 2600
    Movementspeed: 360


    RMB: Family sword
    Range: Melee, Blast (roughly the range of Terminus and Makoas swings)
    Whip your Gauntlet Sword every 0.5 seconds to deal 450 dmg.
    Press R to start a 2 second channel after which you lunge forward and deal 400 dmg on impact(Will only move horizontally, not up or down). This is affected by deft hands.
    Every time you hit a Unit with your RMB, you gain one Ferocity (max. 10). If you get hit by CC, it will be shortened by 0.1 seconds per Ferocity-stack.
    Ferocity is reset to 0 after getting CC'd.

    LMB: Fierce Hunter
    Base Cooldown: 12 Seconds
    Range: extended Melee, Direct (roughly between two to three times the range to his RMB)
    Thrust your Mancatcher forward to stun an enemy for 2 seconds. During the Stun, you can drag around the enemy as you see fit.
    After the stun duration, if the enemy does not give any movement commands they continue to be moveable by Leopold.
    If the enemy should move, they break free and recieve 500 dmg. While a unit is caught in this ability, Leopold is unable to use any other ability.

    Q: Wild Roar
    Base Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    Range: AOE is equal to reach of RMB
    Unleash a mighty roar that causes enemies in a small AOE around you to flee in fear for 0.75 seconds.
    The duration of fear is prolonged by 0.1 seconds for every stack of Ferocity.
    Ferocity is not reset.

    F: Feral mode
    Base Cooldown: 6 Seconds
    Get down on all fours like your ancestors before you and increase your movementspeed by 65%.
    Your base movementspeed increases by 1% for every stack of Ferocity
    Allied units can mount you by using the "mount" command when near you and outside of spawn.
    While allied units get dismounted by taking damage, Feral mode has to be toggled off, to be deactivated.

    Ultimate: Unyielding Champion
    "Ancestral Spirits! Guide me in Battle!"
    Call upon your ancestral spirits to aide you in battle. Summon five spirits with 1.000 Health each, which will use Feral Mode to hunt down one unstealthes enemy each. Once encountered with their target, they will open with roar and then proceed to slash them with their gauntlet sword.
    Damage dealt by Ancestral Spirits is reduced by 50%.
    Ancestral Spirits attack with their gauntlet sword every 1 second.
    The spirits last for 8 seconds and are treated as deployables.
    Spirits, that have no Target will attack the person, that damaged you last.


    Ferocious Beast:
    For every 5 Ferocity your RMB deals 1% max. health additional damage. You also generate 1 Ferocity every 5 seconds.

    Carrier Unit:
    Feral mode now increases your Movement speed by 90% and you gain the ability to double jump. In addition to that, allies do not get dismounted when taking damage.

    Army of one:
    Your Ultimate charges 15% faster. The health of the ancestral Spirits is now 2.000 and their damage output is now 100%.


    Ferocious fighter: Increase your maximum Ferocious-stacks by 2/4/6/8/10
    Unstoppable Warrior: Eliminations reduce all active cooldowns by 10/20/30/40/50%
    Family Armor: Increase your base Maximum Health by 50/100/150/200/250
    Pounce: Increase the distance of your Gauntlet Sword leap by 10/20/30/40/50%

    Thorns: While being dragged around, enemy Units take 15/30/45/60/75 dmg every second
    Hunter of men: Cooldown of Mancatcher is reduced by .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds
    Stop squirming: Breaking free of Mancatcher deals an additional 60/120/180/240/300 dmg
    Forceful retreat: While dragging an enemy, your movementspeed increases by 5/10/15/20/25%

    Wild Roar:
    Powerful voice: Increase the AOE of Wild roar by 10/20/30/40/50%
    Battleshout: Reduce incoming damage by 10/20/30/40/50% for 2 seconds
    Bleeding ears: Wild Roar now deals 100/200/300/400/500 dmg
    Fear struck: prolong the fear-effect of Wild roar by .15/.3/.45/.6/.75 seconds

    Feral Mode:
    Stampede: When colliding with an enemy unit you now deal 100/200/300/400/500 dmg
    VIP express: During Feral mode both you and the unit mounting you gain 10/20/30/40/50% reduced damage
    Make haste: Increase your movementspeed during Feral Mode for an additional 2/4/6/8/10%
    Express ticket: Reduce the cooldown of Feral Mode by .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds


    Champion Selection:

    Mounting Up:
    1 - "Giddy up!"
    2 - "Together we ride!"

    1 - "Get back here!"
    2 - "You're not going anywhere!"
    3 - "I don't think so!"

    1 - "Try to keep up!"
    2 - "I'm going feral!"

    When mounted:
    1 - "Okay, let's go!"
    2 - "Where to?"
    Heavy units (Terminus, Ash, Fernando, etc.) - "Off. What did you bring to battle? Your House?"
    Small units (Moji, Maeve, Tallus) - "Are you on? Seriously, I can't tell."
    Skye - "One stupid joke and you walk."
    Androxus, Torvald - "I am not a Horse."
    Champion with feline based mount - "I am way better anyways!"

    Item Purchase:
    Blue - "I'll make this a family heirloom!"
    Green - "Nice. What do I do with it?"
    Yellow - "Finlay. I hate waiting for stuff."
    Red - "That should make them quiver in fear!"

    1- "Any second now."
    2- "I hate waiting too."

    Taking Damage:
    1- "So that's how we play?"
    2- "I'll smash your face in!"

    1- "I'll remember your help, friend."
    2- "My debt will be repaid one day."

    Out of Combat with low health:
    1- "I'm not ready to join them yet..."
    2- "They haven't seen the last of me."

    1- "So I will join you... Father..."
    2- "I rest... my blade..."

    First Blood:
    "That should show them who leads the Pride."

    Kill Streak:
    1- "They really should try harder."
    2- "Woohoo! What will they do?"
    3- "I am unstoppable!"

    1- "Another point for the pride."
    2- "That's the ticket!"

    Enemy Capture:
    "The point is under siege! Stop them!"

    1- "Another glorious Battle!"
    2- "I bleed for my pride!"

    1- "Bullsh*t!"
    2- "Tch. They got lucky!"

    1- "So, you want to play with the big boys? Don't make me laugh."
    2- "You look scared. I suggest you run."

    1- "I am physically not able to purr. No, I am serious."
    2- "Well, meow to you too."
    if Maeve is nearby - "Want a Pop-tard, kitty?"
    if Maeve is nearby - "You are part Tigron? You sure? You are kinda... short."

    Spawn Chatter:
    Maeve - "Oh? Are you part Tigron? How interesting. Tell me about yourself."
    Kahn - "Ah, yes, the loyal Bucketman. Maybe you should start thinking for yourself."
    Fernando - "Fernando! My man! How are you?"
    Grohk - "I have no Idea what's wrong with you, but I like you, Orc!"
    Pip - "Another member of the Beastkin! How is your Father? I heard he is looking for you?"

    Match Start:
    1- "So this is my pride? All right!"
    2- "Let's make this an epic battle!"

    1- "I have yet to earn my place among them."
    2- "Not an ancestral spirit yet!"

    Top Play:
    "Her me, my ancestors! See me succeed!"

    "All right! Let's get this party started!"

    Overall Legal Stuff:
    Since there was a data mine about a Tigron that uses some kind of spear and some kind of sword this is the closest Leopold probably ever will be to actually be part of the game.
    But: Every part of this champion concept, be it skills, design, lore, cards and whatnot is free for Hi-Rez/Evil Mojo to use without the need to mention, pay or credit me in any way, shape or form.

  • See, I like what you are doing here, but I feel he should be a flank character akin to Zhin, and should not be able to deal 500 dmg after breaking out of the whip, but instead add the 500 dmg upon being hit with it.

  • @fishlover01 Interesting thought, but it was deliberate that he is a damage champion, since to get more credits, damage is rewarded, while as a flank you need to get kills for extra credits.
    As for the damage received after breaking free of the Mancatcher: If Leopold dies the damage is not triggered. Therefore the opponent has two choices: take damage or hope an ally kills Leopold first. In addition to that is Leopold unable to attack while he holds somebody in his mancatcher (was not mentioned in description but will now be added) and has to relie on somebody to finish the job.

  • @SoraFromHeaven How would the dragging mechanic work? Would he first pull them in closer, what's the reach of the mancatcher, and if it's leaving him exposed will he be able to cancel it?

  • @fishlover01 Leopold himself is not able to cancel the ability, making the mancatcher a great tool to catch of stragglers together with a partner to finish the job. If the player wants to play more focused on the mancatcher he is strongly encouraged to pick up cards that add additional damage over time (The card in that case would be "Thorns").
    I am bad with Units for range of attacks. What I think would be that his primary attack has the same reach as Terminus axe or the anchor-swings of Makoa, while the mancatcher, being a polearm, has roughly twice to three times that range.
    Edit: The animation should show Leopold thrusting the mancatcher forward and then yoinking in the target on hit.

    The dragging mechanic works as follows: When caught the targeted unit will be in front of Leopold (slightly to the left). During the stun the opponent can't do anything while Leopold is free to move them around as he pleases. If the stun ends, the opponent remains in the "dragged" state and receives damage if he moves, which breaks him out of the dragged state. Since it would be a hassle to animate every character struggling in the mancatcher the normal "the player is being dragged around"-animation plays that is used for Makoas anchor.

  • @SoraFromHeaven ok but can they turn without triggering the movement mechanic?

  • @SoraFromHeaven I'd argue that perhaps the damage should come first just because the impact of it makes sense, but the damage upon release doesn't, though perhaps if you throw them into another person by releasing, a change I believe would benefit him, it could add extra damage to both characters.

  • @fishlover01 Turning the camera works without triggering the movement mechanic, since only movement input like WASD, jump or movement-abilities count. If the target is again forcefully moved(for example by a Makoa hook), the damage is triggered.

    As for the damage on the mancatcher: mancatcher are weapons that historically didn't always have thorns that are being pushed into the opponent, but rather have a little mechanism to keep the person trapped and to cause harm once the person forcefully tries to free himself. With this mechanic I want to replicate this rather unique weapon.
    It also keeps down the utility since Leopold would be the first damage champion with two CC abilities and it gives more power to the person trapped in the ability.

  • @SoraFromHeaven Perhaps you should also add the ability for the ult so that when you press the button again you can switch with one taht you are looking in the direction of. 8s might be too short for the distance they'd have to travel, as well as how little health they have. It seems that he is also unable to counter flying types like Willo or Drogoz.

  • @fishlover01 True that. But since his kit does already do so much I don't think a teleportation-ability would be good on him, since he does have a quite good mobility option in his base kit. Aside of his ancestral Ability he also is a rather non-magical charakter, which makes the teleportation feel somewhat out of place.
    His ultimate has such a little duration and so little health since if everyone should be on or near the point with the press of a button the fight can become a 10 v 5 or a very powerful clutch save if everyone is down and you need to hold the point.
    But maybe increasing the base health by another 1.000 for a total of 2.000 HP and the duration by 2 seconds for a total of 10 seconds uptime could make the ultimate more usable outside of teamfights.
    I am thinking of Reworking his Talent "Army of One" to the Following:
    "The health and duration of ancestral Spirits is doubeled and their damage output now equals 100%"
    Any thoughts?

    And him being weak against flying units is actually quite welcome, because it gives him a clearly defined weakness and certain places on the map where he wants to be.

  • @SoraFromHeaven 100% might be too much. 75% should be the cap. Though maybe 100% if there is an attack frequency. Itd be a 11v5 if it made 5 of himm Though if you are doing it more damage, side grade it with health decrease to the ancestrals ult.

  • @fishlover01 I was talking about the Talent, not the ultimate ability itself. Because with the talent he already gains a dmg output of 100%

  • @SoraFromHeaven Id still say it is based on atk frequency. Because if they attack as fast as he can id say reduce the dmg, but if their atk is slower increase. Just some ideas.

  • @fishlover01 Sounds reasonable. I'll add that the atk frequency of the Spirits is 1 second, basically doubled in comparison to what Leopold is able to.

    Edit: Also spontaneously decided to add to his LMB that his reload-channel will only move horizontally and not vertically.

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