Tigron Champion: Leopold, the heart of courage

  • @SoraFromHeaven How would the dragging mechanic work? Would he first pull them in closer, what's the reach of the mancatcher, and if it's leaving him exposed will he be able to cancel it?

  • @fishlover01 Leopold himself is not able to cancel the ability, making the mancatcher a great tool to catch of stragglers together with a partner to finish the job. If the player wants to play more focused on the mancatcher he is strongly encouraged to pick up cards that add additional damage over time (The card in that case would be "Thorns").
    I am bad with Units for range of attacks. What I think would be that his primary attack has the same reach as Terminus axe or the anchor-swings of Makoa, while the mancatcher, being a polearm, has roughly twice to three times that range.
    Edit: The animation should show Leopold thrusting the mancatcher forward and then yoinking in the target on hit.

    The dragging mechanic works as follows: When caught the targeted unit will be in front of Leopold (slightly to the left). During the stun the opponent can't do anything while Leopold is free to move them around as he pleases. If the stun ends, the opponent remains in the "dragged" state and receives damage if he moves, which breaks him out of the dragged state. Since it would be a hassle to animate every character struggling in the mancatcher the normal "the player is being dragged around"-animation plays that is used for Makoas anchor.

  • @SoraFromHeaven ok but can they turn without triggering the movement mechanic?

  • @SoraFromHeaven I'd argue that perhaps the damage should come first just because the impact of it makes sense, but the damage upon release doesn't, though perhaps if you throw them into another person by releasing, a change I believe would benefit him, it could add extra damage to both characters.

  • @fishlover01 Turning the camera works without triggering the movement mechanic, since only movement input like WASD, jump or movement-abilities count. If the target is again forcefully moved(for example by a Makoa hook), the damage is triggered.

    As for the damage on the mancatcher: mancatcher are weapons that historically didn't always have thorns that are being pushed into the opponent, but rather have a little mechanism to keep the person trapped and to cause harm once the person forcefully tries to free himself. With this mechanic I want to replicate this rather unique weapon.
    It also keeps down the utility since Leopold would be the first damage champion with two CC abilities and it gives more power to the person trapped in the ability.

  • @SoraFromHeaven Perhaps you should also add the ability for the ult so that when you press the button again you can switch with one taht you are looking in the direction of. 8s might be too short for the distance they'd have to travel, as well as how little health they have. It seems that he is also unable to counter flying types like Willo or Drogoz.

  • @fishlover01 True that. But since his kit does already do so much I don't think a teleportation-ability would be good on him, since he does have a quite good mobility option in his base kit. Aside of his ancestral Ability he also is a rather non-magical charakter, which makes the teleportation feel somewhat out of place.
    His ultimate has such a little duration and so little health since if everyone should be on or near the point with the press of a button the fight can become a 10 v 5 or a very powerful clutch save if everyone is down and you need to hold the point.
    But maybe increasing the base health by another 1.000 for a total of 2.000 HP and the duration by 2 seconds for a total of 10 seconds uptime could make the ultimate more usable outside of teamfights.
    I am thinking of Reworking his Talent "Army of One" to the Following:
    "The health and duration of ancestral Spirits is doubeled and their damage output now equals 100%"
    Any thoughts?

    And him being weak against flying units is actually quite welcome, because it gives him a clearly defined weakness and certain places on the map where he wants to be.

  • @SoraFromHeaven 100% might be too much. 75% should be the cap. Though maybe 100% if there is an attack frequency. Itd be a 11v5 if it made 5 of himm Though if you are doing it more damage, side grade it with health decrease to the ancestrals ult.

  • @fishlover01 I was talking about the Talent, not the ultimate ability itself. Because with the talent he already gains a dmg output of 100%

  • @SoraFromHeaven Id still say it is based on atk frequency. Because if they attack as fast as he can id say reduce the dmg, but if their atk is slower increase. Just some ideas.

  • @fishlover01 Sounds reasonable. I'll add that the atk frequency of the Spirits is 1 second, basically doubled in comparison to what Leopold is able to.

    Edit: Also spontaneously decided to add to his LMB that his reload-channel will only move horizontally and not vertically.

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