Concept Champion - Hawke, The Big Game Hunter

  • "Hawke! And Biggie." - Champion Introduction

    Name: Hawke
    Title: The Big Game Hunter
    Role: Damage(Sniper)
    Health: 1900
    Faction: Magistrate

    Hawke is the Magistrate's most renowned hunter and tracker. He and his partner bird, Biggie, are dedicated, and very effective monster hunters. Many a Wyrin, Ska'Drin, Vulpin and Tigron were caught by his hand, and one time, he even managed to capture Gorlock. He has heard from the Magistrate that Paladins has many inhuman creatures at their ranks. That alone has set his blood rushing, and he has enlisted in the war in hopes to make his greatest catch.

    LMB - Energy Musket / Feather Attack
    Hitscan(Hawke), Projectile(Biggie), Direct Damage
    Hawke: Fire your musket for 720 damage at the rate of fire of 1.2 seconds. Press Reload button to wind up your Musket and increase damage by 120, up to a maximum of 1200.

    Biggie: Throw 4 razor sharp feathers every 0.8 seconds, each dealing 175 damage.

    RMB - Hunting Scope / Swoop
    Movement Ability(Biggie), Area Damage(Biggie), Cooldown 7 Seconds(Biggie)
    Hawke: A low-magnitude scope that helps with long distance fights.

    Biggie: Swoop through your enemies, dealing 600 damage to each one hit.

    Q - Sic
    Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Turn invisible and let Biggie handle it. Biggie can fly and has 1800 health. Using this ability again recalls Biggie and reduces cooldown of this ability by 7 seconds.

    F - Backspring / Divebomb
    Movement ability, Untargetable for 0.1 seconds(Hawke), Area Damage(Biggie), Cooldown: 8 seconds for Hawke, 14 seconds for Biggie
    Hop backwards to disengage from a close-ranged combat and avoid some attacks when timed right.

    Biggie: Dive downwards to release a shockwave that hits enemies for 800 damage, and knocks them back.

    ULTIMATE - Roc Fall

    Call Biggie forth to rain an array of deadly feathers upon the target location. After 2 seconds, that area is bombarded by giant feathers every 0.5 seconds, for 3 seconds. Anyone who's caught in the area takes 920 damage each time feathers fall upon them. Usable both as Hawke and Biggie.

    Ultimate lines:
    Enemy/self: "Biggie, let's rock!"
    Ally: "Rock and roll, pardners!"

    Default: Blood Wings
    Swoop makes Biggie immune to CC for 2 seconds, as well as increasing Movement Speed by 40%.

    Unlockable 1: Biggie Bombard
    Divebomb also Cripples and Slows enemies for 50% for 1.5 seconds.

    Unlockable 2: Springlock
    Backspring fully winds up your Energy Musket, and the cooldown is reduced by 1 second.

    Weapon and Armor:
    Gain {50|50} Base Health
    After hitting a shot gain {4|4}% Movement Speed for 2 seconds
    Gain {5|5}% Lifesteal
    Dropping below {20|5}% Health resets the cooldown of Backspring

    Hunting Scope:
    Killing an enemy with Swoop reduces the cooldown of Divebomb by {10|10}%
    Reduce the time it takes to scope in and scope out by {20|20}%
    Increase the movement speed while scoped by {25|25}%
    Hitting a fully wund up shot grants {0.2|0.2}% ultimate charge

    Biggie gains {50|50} Base Health
    Biggie gains {5|5}% Lifesteal
    After recalling Biggie gain {8|8}% Movement Speed for 3 seconds
    Increase Biggie's Movement Speed by {5|5}%

    After using Backspring gain {8|8}% Movement Speed for 2 seconds
    Divebomb grants {8|8}% Damage Reduction for 2 seconds after being used
    Reduce the cooldown of Biggie's Divebomb by {1|1} seconds
    Biggie heals for {50|50} for each enemy hit by Divebomb

    Possible champion-specific kill taunts:
    "Hawks - 1, Foxes - 0." - Io
    "Heh! A rookie! With a non-action bird to boot!" - Cassie
    "Gotcha, Ska'Drin pendejo!" - Talus
    "The Magistrate will fetch me a great sum for your capture!" - Tiberius
    "I recognize a dragon when I see one! You, on the other hand? You're not it..." - Drogoz

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