Less value for the players - BP, Chest, Skins etc...

  • Hey guys can you tell me why Hi Rez don't put content in there chests? Everyone is full with champion chests with boosters instead to put the new uncommon skins and voice packs. Whats the point to have 15 chests and HI rez to make me to spend gold about buying new common/uncommon skins and voice packs for the new champs? Why u just not put it there? For example now Raum is new champ and u make me to spend my gold instead put it in my chests?
    The same with diamond chests. Hi Rez promise to include in diamond chest some other skins (even if they are not new) but they didn't do it. It been at least a year and a half. Some people invest money in the game and their investment is "on hold". You cant transfer the chests to crystals but u cant open the chests too. SO what to do?
    And I notice so many things that Hi Rez change and provide less value (especially for old players) for the money and for playing their game. No more quests for wining some chests. No more Diamond chest for end of battle pass changed with gold one. No content in gifts, only boosters again.
    What about deal of the day for example? before you can spend crystals for deal of the day now they want real money. This is another minus for the users. because for example I can buy crystals from other site for cheaper price or just save it from daily logins, but now I cant because I need to buy it for the price that Hi rez wants like an item.
    And can you stop do recolor skins in such a expensive chests? This is a mockery.
    At least im happy you add new content to mixer store because nobody will spend the points for useless avatars for 300 points.

    I have so much to say but...im not sure does it matter...

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  • I think they should remove the chest and give to each skins a price

  • Now Im join and notice that even daily quests only one of them gives you XP for the battle pass even I bough it...other two gives only gold. Is it the same with you?
    Good job Hi Rez! You make me to pay again and GRIND more.

  • Idk if you remember but champion chests used to have emotes as well, but ofcourse that didn't last long. Until people stop buying every half baked pile of uselessness Hirez throws at them this kind of behaviour won't stop

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    @fedushev This is only a bug. They will fix this soon.

  • Thank you Lukash369 I didnt know!

    @OriginalEquinox thats why this is my last BP that I bought for now. And wont spend more money in this game. I have enough invest and skins already. I hope they will change after time because this is one of my fav. games for chill. If they dont do it then some other studio will do it :)) nothing last forever.

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