Fernando Beach Pass Help

  • I've been trying to do the Fernando Beach Pass missions and can't seem to be able to finish off people with his Fireball ability. With it already in a pretty poor state, anybody have any advice with finish thing slog?

  • Play training and injure the enemy then finish them off with the fireball, its pretty easy to do.

  • ^ Save the fireballs for the finishing blow while running Scorch talent. You can max out his Incinerate loadout card too when you're doing this challenge to make it easier to complete.

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    This is my least favourite challenge of every BP.
    Yeah, there's a timing for it. Use Scorch, get your cooldowns as low as possible for FB, then just play bots.

    You need to account for your team shooting, the warmup of Fireball, and the travel time. It might take you some time, but it's possible.

  • Training Mode, Scorch, Fireball Timing. This is how Fernando gets most of his kills anyways. It's not too difficult to accomplish.

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