KIT DESIGN for Tigron (Tigris, the Lionhearted)

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    Role: Flank
    Max Health: 2400
    Movement Speed: 400 [He can also double jump, like Maeve]

    LMB: Blade of the Tigron- Tigris swings his sword, hitting enemies within 10 units away for 450 damage every .5 seconds. This weapon has no reload.
    RMB: Leopard's Lunge- Tigris lunges 10 units forward, clawing the nearest enemy within 4 units away, dealing 500 damage to them. This ability can store up to 3 charges on a cooldown of 5 seconds.
    Q: Lion's Roar- Tigris gains 1 stack of Feline Ferocity every time he deals 300 damage to an opponent, stacking up to 6 times. On use, he consumes all current stacks, bellowing a roar that fears opponents with 30 units for 1 seconds (can only be reduced to .5 seconds). Per stack consumed, the ability also deals 150 damage to all effected opponents. This ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds on use.
    F: Tooth and Claw- Tigris gains Armor on use for 4 seconds equal to 3000 minus his current health. This ability has a cooldown of 12 seconds, starting when the armor wears off.
    Ultimate: Predator's Instinct- On use, Tigris targets an opponent, and moves towards them with doubled movement speed for up to 4 seconds. If he intercepts the opponent, the opponent is stabbed through the heart with his blade, dealing 2000 + 50% maximum health damage, that ignores shields and DR.


    Razor Swipe- Blade of the Tigron hits enemies 10 units away, but also goes up to 30 units away from him with no fall-off.
    Ferocious- Lion's Roar also grants Tigris 5% damage amp for every stack consumed for 1.5 seconds.
    Tooth and Nail- Tooth and Claw on use also grants a free charge of Leopard's Lunge, regardless of whether Tigris has full charges (it also increases the cap of stacks to 4 for 4 seconds).

    Just a kit and not a whole character concept. Sort of a rough idea of how I think he might look like~

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    Hmm I like it! But melee champion will be probably to hard to balance πŸ‘€ πŸ…

    This feeling when I can't say nothing more ;-;

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    Just added talents... 😯

  • Switch

    Sounds very similar to Leopold, the heart of courage by

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    @Miniiwolf said in KIT DESIGN for Tigron (Tigris, the Lionhearted):

    Sounds very similar to Leopold, the heart of courage by

    I mean it is for the same character essentially, just taken with two different interpretations to his kit design.

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    Oh ok
    That’s fine just was confused

  • @Dusklicious I wouldn't say it is for the same character since my Tigron concept actually predates the datamine of Tigron/Tiberius (was actually posted on the 20th September 2018 on the old Forums and conceptualized prior to that)
    But I am glad that Leopold had an influence on ya!

    Now to the feedback:
    For a flank he seems quite immobile, similar to Skye, but giving an ability that always puts him back up to 3000 hp, no matter his current hp, is rather unique.

    Giving his kit more depth by adding loadoutcards might help to more clearly define him!

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