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    @AYYDIMITRI that doesn't answer my main question of "why did they get points if they got their first but both teams were on, but we didn't get points if we got their first but both teams were on"

  • Look objective time is measured throughout the game for various reasons due to positioning in point fight and cart push, so it is not an apt measurement to determine "how long they were on the point" during the point fight.

    (-If the point fight is not haulted by either side contesting the point position then it may be to various bugs to do with a particular map, player latancy, or the server is slow to update player location.-)

    The above has happened to me on various Onslaught Maps with my position failing to register as on the point, this has also happened on some of the newer seige maps.

    Which map were you on comrade?

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    @AYYDIMITRI dude are you even reading my comments?
    As for the correction on my grammar, it's wholy unnecessary and has no place in any discussion.

    Ive clearly stated the problem, and accepted your first response
    You repeating yourself is just as unnecessary as your correction to my grammar.

  • Dude.
    I am trying to help here.

    My first point touched on how objective time was gained.
    My second post was about bugs reletive to capping the point.

    What map were you playing on?

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    @AYYDIMITRI you're trying to help but severely failing.
    I don't have time for people who "help" by repetition and unnecessary corrections.

  • Ok comrade.

    If you are not going to tell me what map were on, then no one can really help you further with what the potential issue could be.

    I have given you multiple reasons what the potential issue could be, given the information you have provided.

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    @Okamikai30 I just need to make this clear:
    If you're not willing to talk openly about things and let others interact with you where you don't immediately shut them down and complain, you're not going to be very successful here.

    I've seen a lot of instances of you just only believing one thing, giving little evidence and then saying everyone else is wrong. It's getting old fast, and makes a lot of people feel bad for trying to reach out and help someone.

    If your IGN is the same as your username here, you're still quite a new player, and most people trying to help you, I can vouch for. They know the game.

    It's about time to start listening, instead of being completely biased to your opinions, because, believe it or not, other people know things too.

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    @CMS Considering if evidence is necessary I've given it, you're just seeing what you wish to see.
    As for here, he didn't try to help. He acknowledged one tiny part of my question and refused to see any other part.
    Same thing happened elsewhere.
    I don't have time for people who read a small snippet then respond.

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    It's funny how you're clinging to two instances where people didn't read and ignoring literally every other instance of people actually reading and me acknowledging and having dicussions with them ☺

  • You stated that you used the objective time to measure the contesting time of the point.
    I responded saying that objective time is not an acurrate repesentation of point contesting time in general, siting various reasons how objective time is gained.

    I gave another statement about the various bugs that can happen with the point fight that can make players not register when they are in the general location of the point or paylaod, but it sounds like that has not even been taken into consideration.

    Still I am asking what map did this happen on, as this sounds similar to the common marauders port map problem.

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