Skye rework?

  • Here's my idea for a Skye rework, because god knows she needs one. Make her more like a ninja, and give her the appropriate abilities.

    She has two invisibility moves. These are what she uses for movement which is a flank's most important attribute. Both of them are hard-countered by nearly half the roster (Cassie's Zigs, Tyra's Hunter's Mark, Vivian's deployable, etc.) and anyone that doesn't have a hard counter for the invisibility can just buy Illuminate, which is the cheapest item available. So as is Invis is all-but useless.

    So here are my ideas:

    Get rid of smoke bomb. Make smoke bomb a poison bomb, an AOE effect that denies terrain like Tyra's Fire Bomb. Enemies in the cloud take poison damage over time. Smoke bomb has been pointless since grass was removed and line-of-sight was all but eliminated. All it does ATM is give her an even weaker invis. Making it an AOE DOT would change her up a lot.

    Replace her poison darts with a grappling hook which works similar to Grover's vine whip. It would give Skye a massive maneuverability option, and make her not so bloody useless when she's discovered. Because once an enemy sees Skye, her teeny tiny health pool almost guarantees she's dead, given she has no movement options besides invisibility which, as mentioned, is nearly useless.

    She loses her poison darts, a massive loss to DPS, which could be countered by giving her a slight buff to primary attack burst damage and increasing her ammo count to a base of 30. Current Skye meta is completely built around her poison darts, getting a kill against anyone but a bot is practically impossible without a loadout built around Debilitate.

    Keep Hidden, and give her back the speed boost while invisible. And reduce the range at which she can be heard to de-cloak. The entire server (and the ones adjacent to it) don't need to know she's popped out, only her nearby targets should know.

    Change up the ult. Give it the ability to deal stun and knockback to enemies caught in its range. It's currently weak as water, given everyone has a pretty clear indication that it's been dropped and they know, with a bright flashing icon, exactly where it is. For anyone silly enough to be caught by it in its current state they deserve to be punished. Or just reduce the timer a lot and make it deal stun and knockback. Strix's ult is better than Skye's ult, and more fitting with her theme of being a ninja too.

    Buff her Preperation Talent by giving her a 50% cooldown reduction for an elimination, so she's not left in the cold when a teammate steals a killing blow.

    With Smoke Bomb gone, you can change up the Smoke and Dagger Talent so that it not only damages enemies but heals allies as well, like Mal'Damba's Gourd.

    Replace the debilitate Talent with the ability to CC an enemy by hitting them with the grappling look, pinning them in place for a second or so, as if they've been lassoo'd. Maybe even turn it into a hook like Makoa's.

    In summary:
    M1: Crossbow (slight buff, slight base ammo increase)
    M2: Grappling hook (for movement, can CC with a Talent)
    Q: Poison Bomb AOE (also heals allies with a Talent)
    F: Hidden (works as usual, give her the speed boost back)
    E: Bomb that instead/also deals knockback and stun.

    It's a big change, but Skye needs it. Unless players are rolling a Debilitate build with Poison Darts on massive cooldown, they're pretty much a sitting target.

    A quick test would be to replace Poison Darts with Grover's Vine Whip, and Smoke Bomb with Tyra's Fire Bomb or Mal'Damba's Gourd. Do that and see how she plays on a test server. I think it would work wonders for her.

  • They said they'll nerf illuminate soon in order to buff her. Though I doubt this will help her. She has no RANGE and she has no MOBILITY: Having neither of it pretty much means that a DPS character is useless. Why would you pick Skye, if Strix can do the same on ANY range? And considering that noobs will probably always complain about Skye being OP they probably won't significally buff her.

  • I would like to see poison darts silence enemies for a few seconds, and lesson the damage. She should have increased jump as a normal part of her kit similar to Koga's jump card increase. I'd like to see her have some dmg reduction cards available similar to talus. Her weapon is just awful. Give her throwing stars like Genji in Overwatch. Take away her burst. She shouldn't have a weapon thats basically a machine gun. Lastly, she needs a dash or some sort of mobility talent. THAN she'd be an actual ninja/assassin like she's supposed to be.

  • They just need to change smoke screen to a mobility talent (wall climb or teleport wherever she throws her smoke bomb). Nerf debilitate to compensate for increased mobility (same amount of damage, but twice as fast, instead of 25% percent more damage twice as fast). Nerf her weapon dps from 130 per shot to 100 per shot.

    The rest of her kit can remain in tact. Then I would change up some talents, like 2 consecutive uses of teleport/wall climb, hidden heals for 150 per second, and keep debilitate. Then give her more cards for sustain, like life rip and damage reduction.

  • A champion able to go invisible is fine, we have damage with the element of stealth.
    But without the element of out of the ordinary mobility, she struggles pose the same threat as other flanks as she takes ages to get to a good position to attack, and her pathways are limited.
    Wall climbing would be a good option for a bit of advanced mobility combined with stealth.
    But her issue with that is that you need a bit of a dash or jump of some kind to securely cover a bit of distance after the wall climb.
    Wall climb and grapple hook is a cool character concept, but with skye, a grapple hook would need to synergize with stealth, and the issue with that is stealth and repositioning of that tier would be sort of scary, unless it brkes stealth, then it is sort of counter intuitive but fair.
    I am not opposed to the idea of a smaller grover vine on a flank, but this is skye... idk...

    She could, teleport back to where she activated hidden, but that is similar to talus...

    I like the idea of smoke screen doing poison damage, skye should be a poisoneer. Her poison damage should not be lethal damage like debilitate, but instead should be prolonged over time from distance. However this sort of makes her a damage. And would not need extra mobility as an aoe damage field is pretty useful are area denial to escape...

    If her poison bolts worked by firing a single bolt with multiple charges, dealing some inital ranged damage and more damage per bolt, but the poison is not stackable on a single foe with multiple shots and poison bomb. However being able to keep half the enemy team at bay with multiple instances of %20MaxHP over 4s (100-200ish DPS for 4s), but give her the option to prolong would make her the opposite of jenos.

    I feel these aspects of ranged poison would give her the pressure range she needs while using her weapon to apply cauterise and execute damage.

  • Revert smoke and dagger nerf, change deliberate from a % damage to a debuff that blurs vision or something, and increase her stealth duration, atleast double it so she can flank and set up her attacks better. But whatever they do, deliberate has to go, the amount of damage it does and how spammy it is makes her a must ban or pick unless you're playing with a 5 stack that works together to counter her, anything less and she'd just casually melt flanks and tanks alike with very little effort

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