Raum the unkillable

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    Raum right now is so hard to kill with his skullheals + his card that increase 40% range charge + his 60% talent= it took 4 team to kill raum

    raum got a huge weakness on stun but if the player got no stun your just a walking red flag of a target, also his 500 ammo can deal 45dmg per bullet

    raum nerf need 35dmg, reduce 40% max card to 30% bull charge, ult talent charge 60% to 45%, give raum overheat when he spin his gatling gun too long and fix his white HP bar it sometimes confuse player if its DMG or not also raum may be a huge tank his hit scan if by far bigger than terminus.

  • @roiwtto999
    Meh, pretty killable with focus. Just get caut, so he won't be healed by his support and focus him hard, preferably using shield, so he never gain skull-heal. Also, any CC - root, hold, stun, cripple, polymorph - stops him on his tracks while Juggernaut.
    He has a big weakness - he always exposed for damage. Use it, and he'll be dead in no time.

  • @roiwtto999 A full HP Raum is 3s for my Skye. Tons of things counter him, only those players can't counter him who hasn't got the game sense. A youtuber collected all of the stuffs can counter him, but you can easily find out after you got to know his kit: has high max HP, has self slow while firing, need to attack to rise his self sustain.
    The first weeks of the patch will full of Raum enemies, it's worth to pick at least one counter in your team. If your allies haven't picked, you must.
    He is only OP on low tier like Seris and Skye. Doesn't need an overall nerf, at most Hellish Lodestones card.


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    Trust me, he's far from difficult to kill... With the right champions on the enemy team, he actually ends up with massive PROBLEMS in the department of sustain...

    The champions you ask? Tyra? Skye? Bomb King? Drogoz? Seris? Khan? I could legit go on, but the point is, there's a LOT of champions that counter him. Literally being a good Raum at this point is a combination of being good at tanks and knowing how to deal with his counters.

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    @Dusklicious Well yeah I use khan to grab to stop him from running like a vik.

  • I dont know your problem but i always kill him very easy

  • He appears tanky and can usually win a 1v1 if you spin up before they start hitting you but for the most part he's really easy to counter, also he has less effective range than most flanks do so just keep your distance and his pellets won't hurt you

  • He is quite tanky on his own, but as mentioned, lots of things can counter him. He is very slow when his F is on cooldown and has a huge hitbox, which makes hitting him very easy. Percentage-based damage like Big Game or Poison Bolts obviously is a counter for him. But generally, before killing a Raum, I'd always pick up their backline first, especially the healer. Once the backline is dead, one can focus him down. And of course he is forced to play on close range due to his weapon, so that makes him less of a threat.

  • i just played a game as raum where mal threw 3-4 stuns at me all i heard was CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH the FULL game so PLEASE tell me how raum is overpowered??

    either his hacking or i call b.s

    first he got so cocky i was taking the point and he went to focus on helping enemy raum, i finally was about to take the point then he solo ulted me THEN threw an additional stun then game over, i can't do squat the amount of damage i took in one go was insulting

    THEN for the rest of the game its CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH!!! the ENTIRE BLOODY GAME!!

    in overwatch mcree's stun needs to be thrown close range, this stun is shot at LONG range? it shot me so much i couldn't get out of spawn properly. Why is stun/invincibility so broken in paladins? your suppose to A) balance the F**King ability B) its suppose to be unique, why does everyone have a stun/invincibile ability, it sure feels like everyone has it

    i'm not even joking i took 3-4 stuns, crunch, crunch, crunch i can't even move with raum, that was the cheapest game ever!!!

  • I think Tyra is easy to kill him
    burn monster(cant run)→hunter marker (more damage)→die

  • I main raum .. and he's very easy to kill when the other team know what they're doing .. but if the player controling raum is skilled and he also has a good team, even if he dies he can still be a real pain in the ass

  • @roiwtto999

    • Everyone knows Stuns counter Raum

    • Distance is the key to fighting him without stuns

    His spread at range is garbage.

    Make loadouts that increase the distance of your mobility skill so you csn creatd instant distance when he runs in your face.

    Next by nimble so he has a harder time tracking you. If he cant hit you well he cant generate soul armor.

    Nimnle also helps with walking away from him. to create.space.

    I counter Raum with Lian of all champs so i dont think he is that hard to deal with.

  • Lately Raum seems a pure monster impossible to take down, but as everyone has said, he is not OP. Absolutely not!!
    In fact, unlike all the previous Frontlines, he is the only one who does not have any type of ability that consists in placing a barrier or something that can block or absorb the enemy shots to protect himself and his teammates.
    He could be considered as "a demonic version of the Juggernaut", that is a champion who only attacks and collects endless shots.
    For this reason, it seems that one of the best ways to play like Raum is to use it as a heavy Damage, that is to use his "Juggernaut" ability to hunt weakened enemies or to annoy champions such as snipers, to then cause damage with his "Hellfire Gatling" (yes, I had a game where Raum did all this while another Frontline got the point for him).
    In short, as I see it, Raum does not seem to me the ideal champion to occupy the point and at the same time protect his teammates with barriers or protections, at best he is fine as a companion to pair with another Frontline.
    Besides, he's really big, maybe even bigger than Terminus, which means he's a very easy target to hit, almost regardless of the type of champion you use.
    It is only necessary to face him, keeping a certain distance from him, to avoid receiving all his shots, which become very inaccurate with increasing distance.

  • I think Raum is OP, at least on ranks below Diamond. I doubt he is a 3s kill for Skye since with Soul Harvest he gains 2K soul armor and 25% damage reduction. Raum is only easy to kill if he is played bad. Running into the enemy backline where he gets focused and killed.

    I think he is best played near a corner close to the point. When focused he can walk around the corner, a heal and a fresh soul armor, and he is ready to go again. If not focused he wont die.

    What makes him OP is that the only counterplay against Raum is CC. Without CC against him, he can do whatever he wants. Most champs do not have stuns and a tank that forces the other team to pick certain champs just to counter him is OP, and there is only a handful who are a hard counter.

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