Who is your main and why?

  • Tyra. Reason being I grew up watching Rambo and the likes where the protagonist picks up a machine gun with infinite ammo and starts painting the scenery with led and until Vivian was released Tyra was the only one who could do that lol

  • Lex because on console people play with 2 tankers and 2 healers, so i need to kill them fast with my ultimate

  • Switch

    I main
    IO: Because She Best Girl,FIGHT ME
    Furia :Because She Best Support,FIGHT ME!!

  • I main Nando

    Since I started Paladins before I can aim... Nando is a good champion for that.


    And to this day I still love him

    Not in a gay way mind you.

  • My main always changes after a while. Buck atm cause he is the only flank I can play. My first real main was Torvald.

  • Willo. The class I main is support, so it's ironic that my overall main is Willo, the anti support. LOL. However, I liked Willo because I wanted to know how to use a damage character, and she reminded me of a butterfly, so I instantly took a liking to her. It helps that even before the buffs, she was pretty strong with blastflowers stack damage, her mobility (even when flutter wasn't as strong), and her deadzone to stop all healing.

  • Switch

    on console it would be either strix or androxus... strix because ive always enjoyed sniping, and you can be more flanky with strix... androxus because i like the mobility

    on pc it would have to be bounce house buck, just because the ability to jump on people from literally anywhere is s lot of fun

  • Mal' Damba, Why?

    • Because He has his Gourd (Area Healing) and his Mending Spirits (Direct)
    • He has very good mobility if utilized properly
    • His stun reload can be lifesaving if used properly
    • His Ultimate is a good lifesaver/getaway in the scenario the team tank(s) die or they are about to die
    • I honestly also really enjoy Mal' Damba as a character and his lore


  • I used to main Cassie back when she had a bow (hell I even bought night bane despite being anywhere from pro at her), after a very long hiatus from paladins I come back and try to main a bunch of characters (ash, corvus, tiberius, lian) but the only one who stuck so far is Zhin, because:

    • Cool weapon!!!!!
    • I like swordfighters in general
    • "The Thousand Hands operate without mercy, expect neither from their master" he just sounds so cool saying it his voice is top tier
    • He's just so, damn, COOL!!!!

    I dont think I would've touched the entire flank class if Zhin didn't exist, and right now I'm super interested in Talus and Koga. (I'm still level 30 though I know the road ahead of me is long but yeah)

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