Nuntius - Pyre's Punisher

  • Nuntius - Pyre's Punisher

    Role: Damage
    Health: 2300
    Base Movement: 360


    Once, there was a strong warrior who dedicated his life to the Pyre acting in its behalf, but he was captured by his enemies, they said that if he forgets his faith on the Pyre they would forgive him but he refused and kept his faith to the death. Those who killed the warrior were sorcerer that tormented him even after the death shattering his soul making it shapeless, the Pyre filled with pain gave the soul's warrior a second chance, giving it power and a shape to keep his desire of serving to the Pyre and taking vengeance of those that took his life and shape.

    LMB) Cursed Chains: Every 0.6 seconds you will swing your chains dealing 580 damage.

    ° Has no ammo
    ° 95 feet
    ° Direct Damage

    RMB) Life Drain: You will throw your chains and the affected enemy will receive 100 dmg being slowed by 25% and receiving the effect ''Chained'' for 2,5 seconds

    ° 8 seconds cooldown
    ° Chained effect: When an enemy is chained the half damage they deal to you becomes health that is taken from the enemy
    ° Chained effect is not affected by CC reduction
    ° Direct damage

    Q) Penitence: You will swing your chains from your sides to your front dealing 700 damage to affected enemies and knocking them back.

    ° 9 seconds cooldown
    ° Ability take 0.8 second to end when started
    ° Area damage

    F) A Soul Itself: Your souls changes its shape allowing you to absorb all the damage for two seconds and every 400 damage received reduces your active cooldowns by 0.25 seconds

    ° 11 seconds cooldown
    ° You have CC immunity during it
    ° While this skill is active you can't use other abilities
    ° It's deactived by pressing F again

    E) Servant's Vengeance: You will swing your chains around you repeatedly dealing 1200 damage per second for 3 seconds with 50% life steal but moving 70% slower.


    1. Furious Warrior: Cursed Chains now deals additional 200 damage in area when hitting an object or enemy

    2. Pyre's Command: Now Penitence swings back your chains doing a second hit but no longer knock affected enemies.

    3. Punishment: Now Chained effect takes the 15% Max health from the affected enemy in 2,5 seconds.

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