Skill rework suggestion: Vivian's Precision Sights

  • Vivian is the simplieast champion to use well, because she has no movement ability, but has reveal, what is just an advantage what literally replaces your game sense, superior 1v1 based kit and thats all.

    Precision Sights is something what Viktor already had (called Iron Sights) and it just extends the range you effective on. So it is also a low key skill: use it against mid range targets, thats all. I created a new skill instead of it with the need of suits to her kit: it's not a movement skill and it is a new type of drone.

    Limiting drone: A dron appears beside Vivian and fly onto the marked point with 100 projectile speed. After it lands it creates a 15 units radius limiting area for 5s. Evebody gets into this area recieve the limiting effect: Roots for 2s but also gain 30% damage reduction while standing in this area (even after the root). It couldn't be reduced by cc reduction, because it is an area effect like Inara's Warder's Field. It has 16s cooldown time.

    It could be dangerous against low health enemies but it definitly has downsites too because it also buffs the enemies. If she uses it wrong it could help out the enemy tank and make a strong spot for the enemy team. But also could hold up enemies: stop their attack or don't let the tank push the payload in. It's slow projectile speed make it harder to use on range. I think it could be something intresting in Vivian's hands.

  • @KicsitCsicska
    Meh, dr onto your enemies is just a bad idea, considering she is a damage champ. I was holding almost the same idea with CC drone-based ability for her. The best one I had is a drone, like sensor drone, that creates a slowing field around it, about 40ft. Has no time limit.
    The second best was the idea of a drone, that can be placed on the ground only and traps enemies inside some kind of a dome shield, that enemies can shoot through, but cannot walk through. Dome disperse after 4s or when the drone is destroyed.

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