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    Hello Champions! 👋 This is a rundown of the most important things to keep in mind when using the LFG: Find a Friend subforum.

    This subforum allows for users to find some people to play with! Need help with a Battle Pass challenge? Just want people to chill with? Whatever it is, this subforum makes finding friends easier.

    Allowed Topics
    We allow any LFG (looking for group) posts, as well as Discord servers and clan recruiting (Esports recruiting goes here.
    When promoting Discords and clans, please: do not make a new thread if there is an "active" thread (has a post from less than thirty days ago) about your topic, and do not bump your threads. Make sure that there is truly a Paladins element in your Discord or clan before promoting it!

    This subforum has one pinned post (excluding this one):

    • "LFG Thread"
      • This LFG megathread allows for players to quickly find people who are looking for friends! Just post the information in the format, and other people will be able to add you and hopefully play a few games!

    Other Options:
    You can also find new friends to play with in the Official Paladins Discord server. Just head over to the #find-a-friend channel, and you can look for new friends there as well!

    Protip: This Forum has a chat function that you can use to talk to someone who you may want to play with. If you want to quickly communicate, just start a new chat with them by clicking their name, the three dots on their profile, and then "Start new chat"!

    Playing with friends always elevates the amount of fun you get out of the game! This subforum makes it easy for you to find some new people to play with, so what are you waiting for - find some friends! We hope to see you playing in The Realm. 🙂

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