This Week in the Realm | Nov 11-17

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    What a week it’s been, hopefully you didn’t miss this blog too much.

    Last week we launched our new update, The Damned Frontier. Hopefully you’re enjoying Raum and the Western Battle Pass! Yee-haw!

    The biggest news this week is clearly Hi-Rez Expo finally being here! The time is upon us! We have some other goodies for you though so you’ll want to listen closely and be here for all the action. Make sure to also check the end of the blog for our current free Champion rotation!

    Here’s what’s going on:

    • Hi-Rez Expo Survival Guide
      • Going live today get the 411 on it all
    • Goodbye Little Box of Horrors, Hello Kawaii Chest!
      • New chest, cute skins, what’s not to love?l
    • Content Creator Spotlight
      • See who we choose to shine the light on this weekl
    • Hi-Rez Expo 2019!

    3 PM ET | Hi-Rez Expo Survival Guide

    10 AM ET | HRX Edition Trivia Tuesday

    4 AM ET | Kawaii Chest Live!
    11 AM ET | Content Creator Spotlight

    HI-REZ EXPO 2019 tune in live |

    Free Champion Rotation:

    • Dredge
    • Seris
    • Raum
    • Androxus

  • Switch

    a Raum rotation, Good

  • PC

    @Romanova said in This Week in the Realm | Nov 11-17:

    Free Champion Rotation:

    • Dredge
    • Seris
    • Raum
    • Androxus

    Those champions weren't chosen at random, were they? 🤔

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