Raum is too powerful and he needs a nerf

  • Maybe his only problem is the fact he havent a real shield, but a "Life shield" who give to him 8k of health and cauterize dont work on that

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker ok more reason that it takes a whole group to kill him and his healing factor is just unreal in pros hands that you can't do anything to get by him

  • @ZenoSamaV1
    usually all it takes to kill him is 2 guys with cauts (and some form of CC, except slow) focusing on him for 3s. This way he won't be able to build any armor and won't be able to heal himself due to cauts. His only viable option will be to run away. And if you have a CC, he won't do this as well. He can crush you 1v1, but in a teamfight, especially vs his counters he can't do much.

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker done that and he still doesn't work because as soon as the 2 or 3 people counter him with that stuff he already over op

  • @ZenoSamaV1
    Nope, that thing is called "teamplay". If you pick his direct counterplay, which is half of existing champs btw, he's dead for sure, once you get some help. If you don't (and that is strange, cuz it's plenty and you can expect Raum in every game), just don't go alone. That's why it's team game.

  • I don't think so. Yes, he has a ton of health and can output a ton of damage, but he is SUPER SLOW. Without juggernaut he can't chase, and even with it, it's clunky and has some severe limitations. The only nerfs I think are needed are to enforcer or maybe his damage. Enforcer allows Raum to dive hard and get out scott free. Either rework Juggernaut or Enforcer or just nerf the talent. As for damage, I would be understanding of damage nerf (800-850 dps instead) as he does output a ton of damage. But overall, I think Raum is pretty well balanced, if just a bit too strong.

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker well i believe the armor and other stuff need to be nerf or reworked because it just bs half the time

  • PC

    raum got a huge weakness again cripple or stun champ and tyra and skye is raum worst enemy his DMG is weak and cant give burst DMG while other tank can fire huge chunk but to me the only nerf is raum 40% max card need to be 30%.

  • @ZenoSamaV1 I see him as more of an off-point damage dealer tank to annoy others. He can't really do a thing against those who have CC. Heck I played Damba and controlled him throughout the entire match. If he is an unexpected pick down the line he could be strong, but since he is new everyone picks what is useful against him.

  • PC

    raum got a huge disavantage against stun and slow effect champ just picking skye can deal huge chunk of dmg on raum so easy even picking moji and cassie giving them bonus dmg talent can destroy raum in just 4 or 5 shots.

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