Lore and Graphics.

  • Don't get me wrong I love paladins characters and the game play especially since it's a free game. But I just think the lore needs to be rewritten a little better and maybe even implemented into the actual game play more, be it quotes the characters say or actual maps from the lore. I've watched almost all the lore and It all has one thing in common, it either doesn't make sense or isn't shown off enough. So I just think you could do a lot more with the lore from how many interesting characters you have. Now for graphics again they're great for a free game but I think if you upgraded the graphics a little more the game would be even more appealing and get even more foot traffic making it more popular and Populated.

  • The cartoonish graphics suit game and doesn't need to be increased anymore imo, but it definitely could use a lot more polish, there are unfinished parts of the map in marauders port, Sha Lin and Ash's default faces look like they were hand drawn by some amateur, certain skins have jagged edges in places that are supposed to be round etcetera. Definitely not a game I would've bought if it cost money which is a shame because the game is a diamond in the rough and has a lot of untapped potential but I know Hirez and how they're content with being average or second best so I have no hope anything will improve anytime soon