Disabling VGS

  • Can someone please tell me how I can turn off the VGS? I mute players, some players cannot be muted, and even those I do mute I can see their VGS. It's very frustrating because I do not want to mute the announcer by turning down voice volume. I really cannot deal with the constant spam or nasty comments of toxic players. I have a PS4.

  • @SuspendedLJ Open the leaderboard menu during a game by going to options> scoreboard or whatever it's called, use the arrow keys to move up or down till you're hovering over their name and press triangle to mute. But beware you will waste any ult you have stored when doing so because Hirez clearly doesn't care enough to fix that inconvenience for us console peasants.

  • I play on a PlayStation 4 and once in a while I'll encounter people who spam the VGS, but it's not often and it's usually at the end of a match. And if they do use or spam the VGS during a match, I just simply "tune them out". Whatever they're saying doesn't exist.

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