Zephyr, the Pyre’s Priest

  • Switch

    The Pyre’s Priest
    Support, 2300HP
    Base Speed 378

    Passive: for every 2 seconds straight your attack hits an enemy it blinds them for 1 second
    Cleansed: all attacks from that ally will heal other ally’s in front of them, shots are able to go through one ally then they lose healing possibilities.
    Tainted: all enemy attacks deal 50% less damage.

    LMB: “Pyre’s Power”
    Shoot a beam of blinding light that will damage enemies for 50 damage every .1 seconds. 100 ammo

    RMB: “The Cleansing”
    Heal an ally for 2000 health over 3 seconds giving them the “cleansed” effect for 1 second. 5 second Cooldown

    Q: “Tainted Essence”
    Deal 1000 damage over 10 seconds and effect them with “Taint” for 1 sec. seven second Cooldown

    F: “Reverse Reading”
    Enemy’s will now heal allies for 50% of the damage they would’ve been dealt for the next 3 seconds. 12 second Cooldown

    E: “Eternal Flame”
    All enemies get infected with “taint” for 5 seconds, while all allies get affected by “cleansed” for 10 seconds
    “Your actions will not be forgiven” enemy/self
    “The pyre still stands” ally

    “Pyre’s Wrath” Tainted Essence deals 1000 more damage
    “The Light Still Shines” Increase ultimate charge by 60%
    “They are pleased” The Cleansing now has 2 charges

  • @Miniiwolf
    First of all, passive ability looks a bit too strong, especially for early game. 1s blind every 2s means, that your opponent will be half of the time blind.

    Cleansed is a wierd thing, tbh. Paladins has no friendly units collision, except for several talents (Combat medic, Spirit domain) and abilities. You can litreally bust your ally's damage with this. In another hand it can be way too good with high aoe attacks, such as Broadside, Salvo, ect.

    Reverse reading has no duration, at least you didn't mentioned it. Please add.

    Ultimate is just strange. 10s of game changing effect is way too long. As well as 5s of 50% damage reduction. Also, is it affected by resilience?

    About talents: 2000 damage over 10s is almost a death sentence in one button for most of flanks, considering you'll soften them with your attack. Not cool.

    Overall: listing no mobility for support is a bad idea. You have to sustain all allies, therefore you need something to reach them quick.

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