Connection status: RED. Why???

  • Since a few days, when playing Paladins, at some point during every match my connection begins going so badly that the game becomes barely playable at all. I often find myself missing enemies (they are already elsewhere), taking hits out of nowhere and getting one shot by enemy ULT's which triggered but I didn't hear anything.

    I don't recall having done anything on my network, and other online games seem to run just fine. So, it really seems that the only game with connection issues is Paladins.

    Any idea, suggestion?

    Oh, BTW, I have a Windows 10 pc with 16GB RAM, a GTX-1050Ti graphic card and a i-8750 processor, so the machine itself should be "fine"; as for the connection, I have an ADSL 10 Mb in download. And I have been using it for years, not something I changed just recently.

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