Hirez can't balance moji??

  • Wtf is that champion moji?? just spraying jumbo size projectiles and hitting for 1k every second?? Ruining matches for both friendly and enemy teams. She also has silent footsteps so no one can hear her coming then in a second your health just drains to 0 without any time to defend yourself. I am not here to say hirez should nerf her because I know you won't, I am here to say you guys are so smart for leaving such a broken piece of shit champ this way for so long. Then you keep buffing and nerfing unnecessary things.

  • It's actually ridiculous how HiRez decided to change Moji earlier this year. People were complaining about her being braindead and bursty, having no mobility and a gigantic hitbox. What does HiRez do? Exactly, GIVE HER EVEN MORE BURST. I don't think Moji is op. If you have some game sense and a good character that can play on long and mid-range, Moji shouldn't cause too much trouble. Literally, if you have trouble fighting Moji (flanks in general), just straight up pick the Strix, the most untouchable champion in the game.

  • Most player will never be happy with Hi-Rez does. Even if HR make the changes you want, many players will still have issues because most cannot agree with who and what needs to be buffed or nerfed. Seriously, read every post regarding nerfs and buffs on this forum. Can any of you actually agree with every suggestion shared?

    Personally, I feel that when all is said and done, and changes are made, it is how we play as a team that will determine how may games we win, and how consistant we are with winning.

  • @schachmaty I dont want to play strix. Why should 5 members of team focus on 1 champion? At least moji can go into a group of 5 and knockout at least 2 people before she dies. is that balanced? there should be a fair play in 1 vs 1 against damage champions. If your hp is about 1400 left, and moji sneaks up behind you, before you have a chance to react, you are already dead. That is BS.

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