cant play anymore, never ending lag, plz help

  • So i used to play this game a lot, climbed to top of diamond then stopped playing for a bit, came back i was gold. started grinding my way back up, then a patch came out (i forget which one) and i lag, lag, lag, get kicked, log back in, lag, lag, lag..... etc,...

    so i quit the game. i come back this week, check settings, reset everything to default, made sure im in the NA servers cause thats where i live, but still, never, ending, lag. all. day. every. day. Its not so bad the first minute or two of the game, and i usually get kicked when we all get sent back to spawn for next round, but after that oh its so bad, everybody stops responding, then boom they warp where they really are now. sometimes this lasts a minute, but that usually means ive been kicked, usually its about 10-15 seconds. as time passes, this happens more and more, and longer too.

    Anybody help me? as i said, all settings are back to normal (graphics on medium). i play tons of other games and i have this issue on NONE OF THEM, just this one. Legit, this is THE ONLY game with this issue. I can play overwatch all day as well, no issues, none, zip, nada.

    Plz help. I wanna get back into this game but this lag wont let me. and it wont stop.

  • @Loppolman

    I think you can try to disable the DirectX11, or enable it...

    usually lags and FPS drops happen because of directX11... By lag do you mean internet lag, or FPS Drop?

  • @AzrielM i have tried both already.

    And no, i mean lag as in the character walk the direction the were walking in previously, and dont stop even if they hit a wall, and if they are on a ledge they dont fall either, but walk on air. give it a few seconds and BAP!!!!!! they are where they should be, and killfeed has caught up. its not frame drops, i have a good enough PC for that not to be an issue on highest settings. Frame drops are 0% of the issue. The characters just do what they were doing when the lag starts, until the lag ends, or i get kicked.

  • Can't help you then, perhaps internet issues? Not really sure, this game has a fair bit of bugs so perhaps you should just check the list of bugs that we have found in the forums, or try to find one in Reddit...

  • @AzrielM well i know its not internet cause i dont have this issue ion any toher game and its gone on for MONTHS. multiple patches. i think im just gonna have to call it quits 😕


  • I kinda feel sorry for you needing to quit a game because this game is buggy... 😢

    may Hirez fix your problems...

  • @Loppolman, are you wireless or hardwired? Do you have multiple devices using the same router? Have you contacted your privider? Have you asked them to send out a technician to physically inspect all connections, inside and outside of your home?

    Sometimes, at the provider level, everything could look good, but it could be that wires and connection points could be corroded or broken, but not be registered as so at the provider level.

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