how do i earn gold

  • i cant seem to earn any gold i only get on average 200g per match and that is not enough to unlock 60 k characters

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    Quests and daily logins are the best way. I believe there's also gold in the battlepass which might be useful.

  • @deathwish1207

    Also, acieve the objectives of each game mode and do your your best to help your team.

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    I can earn around 15-20k gold per day, without battle pass, with battle pass you can earn way more, you should have every champion when you reach around lvl 100

  • Currently your best bet is the battlepass, you should have enough to buy a character by doing the free track iirc. Besides that be sure to claim daily rewards and complete the quests and you should be able to unlock a new character once every 2 weeks ish which sounds slow but it's a good chance to properly learn the ones you already have.

  • I agree with you. It takes forever to unlock new champions, especially if I want to buy the voice packs too. That's really annoying. And I don't understand why some champions are worth 30k, some are 15k, and some are 60k gold.

  • The most you could earn by farming bots is about 300 G. Daily quests can earn up to 200-500 G. Leveling up in Battle Passes can earn you more than 1k G. Leveling up your account can earn you 2500 G, I think.

    You just have to be patient.

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