Heir to the Throne! a Lian Guide!

  • Dear @TangAce . My Sha Lin guide is supposed to be finished today. But I just rediscovered Lian... So, I'm gonna make a new guide for the other House Aico member, pretty much everyone's fetish, Lian!

    Oh, and she's a douche but I like characters that are honorable but douche-y.

    Lian is a sidelane or backline damage dealer that excels in offering quick high bursts of damage towards other damage dealers, and poking the enemy back line through Presence. Lian can box out virtually any damage dealer because of her access to autoaim abilities that can affect things like a Soaring Evie, and her access to high burst no falloff damage through Presence. She is relatively hard to flank (it used to be impossible to flank her when her Ult grants invulnerability) because she can just burst down most Flanker's HP through a simple Grace, Valor, Enlightenment combo. And she is a top pick in Ranked. One of the highest contested Sidelane/Backline Damage Dealer in the game. Perhaps only rivaled by none other than Cassie in the Sidelane DD role.

    Oh yeah... DON'T FLANK AS A LIAN She is squishy, and she has no burst survivability anymore, and her mobility isn't even remotely as good as any Flanker.

    So, here's a guide for Lian!


    • High Burst
    • Reliable Sustained Damage
    • Can box and 1 v 1 virtually any champion and come out on top.
    • Great hitscan weapon with low damage falloff
    • Very hard to flank. (yes, even after Enlightenment nerf, she still is one of the hardest Backline DD's to flank, trust me on that, I once struggled with the beginning of the Enlightenment Nerf, but you can reliably utilize it for a surprise burst and to double your effective HP)
    • Auto Aim abilities.
    • Quickly charges ultimate
    • Great mobility


    • Nerfed ultimate
    • Extremely ability reliant
    • Actually requires skill to play (especially with the ult nerfs)
    • Squishy
    • Not exactly versatile (Cassie is definitely more versatile)
    • Not exactly a teamfighting ultimate...
    • Mediocre Weapon (NO, SERIOUSLY! to put things onto perspective... Lian's weapon has more falloff than the Projectile weapons Cassie and Sha Lin has, while it has DPS higher than Strix's and Kinessa's weapon, it also has higher falloff and more inaccuracy. It's DPS is definitely lower than the burst weapons that Vivian, Viktor and Tyra has. Lian's weapon is not bad, it just doesn't have anything special compared to their weapons, it's mediocre)


    Alacrity: Grace hits all targets in front of you instead of only one, and it's cooldown is reduced by 1 second.

    Alacrity is a talent for people who think aiming is overrated and unnecessary for Lian would like to deal more area damage instead of single target burst. It isn't a bad talent by any means, but it isn't Lian's best talent. This helps you output a more reliable damage to enemies and deployables, but it just doesn't suit Lian's main playstyle as a Backline or Sideline DD since you would also be needing your Grace (movement ability) to output damage as well.

    Eminence: Presence deals up to 50% more damage based on range, and its cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.

    Lian's general best talent. It is full of shit. It is an extremely bloated talent, capable of bursting someone in range, poking, and has so much function. This screws people who choose to line up, and makes your Presence more useful, and easier to access. Also, this is proof Lian has to actually aim to do shit since most people think Lian is just an AutoAim douche. EM should nerf this talent, since it's one of the reasons that Lian is still busted.

    Lian's general worst talent. But I don't think it's that bad of a talent, it's just that Alacrity and Eminence is so damn good (especially Eminence since Alacrity is high risk and makes your Presence more useless) to put things into perspective... Running Precision onto Lian enables you to do this...

    • Left Click: 400
    • Grace: 420
    • Left Click: 440
    • Valor: 460
    • Left Click: 480
      Totaling for 2200 damage without your Presence at all. If Eminence wasn't this busted, Lian would be using Precision IMO... But I don't know bout that.

    Death and Taxes: Take an 1800 credit loan in the beginning of the game and buy the best item in the game with it. You have the Magistrate's money so you don't give a fuck. Also, you can now buy Wrecker and Cauterize in one kit...

    Oh wait, they removed this shit...
    For this guide, we would run none other than Eminence of course...

    Important Cards: I won't discuss too much regarding cards since my experience with Lian is not as much as with Khan... But I know cards that are core, and are pretty much a must have.


    Heraldry: Hitting Presence reduces its cooldown by 1/1 second.

    Run 5 points. This would lower your Presence (Q) downtime to 5 second if you hit it. Useful if you use your Presence to poke or finish kills.

    Inheritance: Eliminations reduce active cooldowns by 10/10%

    Run 4-5 points. Lian is damn ability reliant. Her main burst combo involves all 3 abilities, and if you pick someone off with this, you can reactivate all 3 of those abilities again.

    Noble Crest: Gain 50/50 health.

    Run at least 1 point, 2 to 3 is fine if you'd like. But run 1 point 2050 health is the right amount of time needed to survive a lot of shitty combos or poke from other champions (like 3 cassie arrows deal an exact amount of 2040 damage XD)

    Other Great Cards

    Swift Jade: Reduce the cooldown of Grace by 0.5/0.5 second for each enemy hit by Valor.

    If you like to dash around more often, run this. You can reset your Grace cooldown quickly to dash twice in a row if you run 3 points onto this.

    Manifest Dastiny: Increase the dash distance of Grace by 5/5 units.

    Useful to increase your dash distance. Run 2 points, but don't run too much if you don't run the next card I mentioned, you don't want to be dashing too long of a time, and you dash for a longer time if you run too much of this.

    Heir to the Throne: Increase the travel speed of Grace by 10/10%

    So you can continue doing shit after you dash. Pair up a single point should you run more than 1 point on Manifest Destiny.

    Superiority: Gain 1/1 Ammo.

    Useful filler, since sometimes you need more ammo to do your combo (in case you miss)

    The rest of the cards are okay in my book,just don't use any heal cards... But my 2 main Lian decks only use a combination of these 7 cards.

    Lian Combos:
    3k Burst.
    The most common combo that Lian players should do.

    Rifle-Valor-Rifle-Grace (dash Backwards)-Rifle-Presence-Rifle

    The abilities are used to cancel your .45 second delay on your Rifle. It would be like firing your first hit which only require half the time if you spray your rifle without the animation canceling.

    To do this, it would take Lian players 2.1 seconds to burst 3400 damage. The crucial parts of this ability is to land the Rifle hits and Presence. The only confirmed damage that you get is the Grace and Valor damage, this is why I say Lian actually takes Skill to play... You need to land your Rifle on top of your Grace and Valor.

    Fuck Flanks Off: (Much harder to do nowadays)

    If a flanker somehow gets a first hit on you, you would not be able to panic ult and kill them anymore. Try to notice them and do this simple combo.

    Rifle - Grace - Enlightenment.

    A quick 2400 damage burst in about, 1.6 second. Should kill most flankers if they don't have the burst survivability they tend to have. Pay attention to the CD would you?

    Long Range Burst

    Again, useful to screw flankers if you get the first hit and notice their presence instead of them noticing you.


    Should scare them and make them get back, or perhaps make them trigger their survivability ability... Enabling you to tell them to KNEEL!

    Using your abilities!
    A lot of players say Lian is braindead. This is wrong. Playing Lian is easy, but maximizing Lian is hard.

    The only easy part of her kit is her Enlightenment and Valor (yes, even Grace is a bit more complicated than most people choose to believe)... Which even then, Enlightenment is now nerfed so it isn't as braindead as it used to be... And even the Braindead ability known as Valor is very oftenly misused...


    Where the fuck do I start with this ability. Yes, it's braindead, requires no aim, has a pretty short cooldown, and requires about...... 20 IQ to use... But problem... most Lian players I meet don't even have 20 IQ.. 🤣

    • The main use of Valor is to spread cauterize MIDWAY at a fight. Why midway? If you use it too early, there won't be any use of spreading anti-heal, since this shit deals 400 damage. Don't spam it randomly because you might need it for the secondary use.
    • The secondary use of Valor is to reset your weapon progression to offer a quick 1200 burst through Weapon-Valor-Weapon combo.
    • The tertiary use of Valor is to confirm kills after boxing if your opponent has a really-really annoying burst mobility like Evie's Soar or BK's Poppy Bomb.
    • Oh yeah, trigger Swift Jade as well... It's useful if your Grace is on CD.

    Valor Don'ts

    • Randomly spam it at the beginning of a fight.
    • Use it to steal a kill. Just use your weapon for that.
    • Use it on a flying enemy that is alone in the air.

    The part in Lian's kit that takes the most skill. This ability is crucial for many many things since your talent and loadout is pretty much built around Presence. My main tip for Presence is to practice landing it. The 0.5 second charge up can kind of disrupt you hitting it sometimes.

    • Poking the enemy backline is the main use for Presence.
    • Another way to use Presence is to force Drogoz or Andro to the ground because usually, a single Q can drop 50% of their health.
    • Stealing Securing kills, and adding damage to your Combo is another use for Presence.
    • You can cancel your 0.45 second weapon delay with it, and instead give something like a... 1000 damage burst instead of your usual 400 damage rifle.
    • Oh yeah, enemies dumb enough to line up for your Presence? Punish them and charge your ult with this.

    Again, an ability that might take something like... 50 IQ to use... But nobody who plays Lian in Southeast Asia has that IQ.

    • Grace, although can offer a 400 damage burst, is mainly used to dash away or dash forward and confirm kills. BE SURE TO HAVE IT READY TO DISENGAGE, instead of using it to steal kills.
    • The dash on Grace is pretty good, judging from the fact that it is fast and it also offers damage.
    • Don't dash forward with it if you cannot confirm a kill. Dash sideways and backwards to confirm kills anyway... You can still hit enemies if you dash backwards, so chill...

    You need skill to use this now... XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

    • Confirm kills. Especially on high profile targets that have expended their mobility, like a Support.
    • Although you are not immune to damage anymore, you can still take 50% DR, and this pretty much doubles your effective health, useful to survive if you notice flankers when you still have more than 800 HP. Very few enemies can offer 1600 damage in 1 second.
    • While you are channeling, be sure to aim at low HP targets.

    Guide is done! YOUR WELCOME!

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    I'll do the usual review thingy

    lian doesn't require much skill to play, she's pure hitscan and pretty basic, her weapon isn't that bad, it's dealing fairly good damage, ofc lian's good mostly cause of the burst her kit gives her
    and btw, strix has the highest dps in the game 🙂 with his pistol, but his rifle is one of the top dps weapon as well

    precision isn't that bad if you can hit the shots

    I suggest inheritance at 3 points cause more is overkill
    health is good but not that great when she has better cards
    manifest destiny and heir to the throne are totally worth it
    superiority is a good 1 point filler

    you can't cancel weapon animation with presence anymore if I'm not mistaken (it was removed several patches ago)

    her ult is still pretty op, just don't use it on 100 hp

    other than that, lian is pretty basic so there's not much to say about it, good guide

  • But why haven't you put it on the guide list? XD @TangAce

  • PC

    cause I'm lazy lmao

  • PC


    Precision as per doc "Hitting consecutive shots and abilities increases your Heirloom Rifle damage against those targets by 5% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 25%."

    Precision should only be boosting the damage of Heirloom Rifle. Grace and Valor should continue to deal the same 400 damage but will boost the damage of Heirloom shots. If it's not working this way either the doc is wrong or bug.

  • @DaddyOoker

    I've used Precision plenty of times and it does affect the Valor and Grace damage... Guess it's either a bug or the document is wrong

  • PC

    @AzrielM I just now tried it in the shooting range. I fired 3 Heirloom shots which did 400,420,440. Then I fired Grace and Valor - both did 400 damage. Fired a forth Heirloom shot which did 460. Works as documented.

  • @DaddyOoker Huh, maybe something happened

    or my eyes dont work

  • PC

    @AzrielM Actually, maybe it's not working exactly as documented. In that test I used both Grace and Valor - both hit of course. Shouldn't those hits boost the Heirloom shots by two additional stacks? It appears only the Heirloom shots boost anything. The doc clearly says "and abilities".

    I'll have to test this again when I have time.

  • @DaddyOoker I've done some tests with Lian, and it is true that it doesn't work as documented, it really only boosts and only gets boost by the Heirloom Rifle shots, and none from Lian's abilities...

    I guess Precision is just bad after all...

    Funny thing is I saw a KamiVS Video in which he tested precision for this exact reason and his presence grace and valor damages go up... I wonder how that happened

  • PC

    @Demigod Maybe it was a prior version and they "fixed" that. Still it's not behaving as documented though.

  • @DaddyOoker

    here is a funny thing

    Valor, Grace and Presence all get bonuses from Luminary and Hunting Party since they do count as weapon attacks... So, I guess those three should count as weapon attacks and receive damage boosts from Precision then?

    very confusing

  • why should i no t use heal cards?

  • @Demigod Thx for this guide, u clearly put a lotta time into this, I wanna play Lian too, I play on touchpad and my aim on distance is kinda janky, since my sens is 31.6, do u think I'll be able to hit long range shots ez when I learn her better or do u think it wouldn't be worth it? Background info: I used to be really good at maeve, atm I main drogoz (don't wanna brag but works out great for me). Basically, I've played every projectile champion and did well with them, cassie, maeve, evie and drogoz, all of them worked out great, yet they dont require precise aim and u dont need to aim on target. Thx for taking ur time if ure reading this, otherwise, great job on the guide.

  • @RoyalBaseball theyre unreliant, with caut against you, they won't make a change in any fight, the heal cards that work on multiple enemies can give you insane heals, but they are very unreliant as u won't always have 5 people to come up against. Btw, the other cooldown cards are mandatory, as Lian's burst is what makes her so strong, you need these cards at high lvl, meaning that these healing cards would need to be low lvl thus, even more useless.

  • @Carlolrac555 This guide is over a year old and still mentions talents that dont even exist any more. Some of it is still viable. Lian requires very good aim. With each shot only doing 400 you cant be missing all over the place or your going to have a bad time.

    My signature has a link to guides section. I have a guide built around precision.

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