Heir to the Throne! a Lian Guide!

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    @AzrielM I just now tried it in the shooting range. I fired 3 Heirloom shots which did 400,420,440. Then I fired Grace and Valor - both did 400 damage. Fired a forth Heirloom shot which did 460. Works as documented.

  • @DaddyOoker Huh, maybe something happened

    or my eyes dont work

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    @AzrielM Actually, maybe it's not working exactly as documented. In that test I used both Grace and Valor - both hit of course. Shouldn't those hits boost the Heirloom shots by two additional stacks? It appears only the Heirloom shots boost anything. The doc clearly says "and abilities".

    I'll have to test this again when I have time.

  • @DaddyOoker I've done some tests with Lian, and it is true that it doesn't work as documented, it really only boosts and only gets boost by the Heirloom Rifle shots, and none from Lian's abilities...

    I guess Precision is just bad after all...

    Funny thing is I saw a KamiVS Video in which he tested precision for this exact reason and his presence grace and valor damages go up... I wonder how that happened

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    @Demigod Maybe it was a prior version and they "fixed" that. Still it's not behaving as documented though.

  • @DaddyOoker

    here is a funny thing

    Valor, Grace and Presence all get bonuses from Luminary and Hunting Party since they do count as weapon attacks... So, I guess those three should count as weapon attacks and receive damage boosts from Precision then?

    very confusing

  • why should i no t use heal cards?

  • @Demigod Thx for this guide, u clearly put a lotta time into this, I wanna play Lian too, I play on touchpad and my aim on distance is kinda janky, since my sens is 31.6, do u think I'll be able to hit long range shots ez when I learn her better or do u think it wouldn't be worth it? Background info: I used to be really good at maeve, atm I main drogoz (don't wanna brag but works out great for me). Basically, I've played every projectile champion and did well with them, cassie, maeve, evie and drogoz, all of them worked out great, yet they dont require precise aim and u dont need to aim on target. Thx for taking ur time if ure reading this, otherwise, great job on the guide.

  • @RoyalBaseball theyre unreliant, with caut against you, they won't make a change in any fight, the heal cards that work on multiple enemies can give you insane heals, but they are very unreliant as u won't always have 5 people to come up against. Btw, the other cooldown cards are mandatory, as Lian's burst is what makes her so strong, you need these cards at high lvl, meaning that these healing cards would need to be low lvl thus, even more useless.

  • @Carlolrac555 This guide is over a year old and still mentions talents that dont even exist any more. Some of it is still viable. Lian requires very good aim. With each shot only doing 400 you cant be missing all over the place or your going to have a bad time.

    My signature has a link to guides section. I have a guide built around precision.

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