Battle Pass Progression Bug

  • I am currently trying to finish the Battle Pass quests and am stuck on the Tier 4 "10 killing blows within 5s of hitting an enemy with commanders grab (Khan)"

    I played for 4 hours and used the Vortex Grip and Storm of Bullets talents, and killed champions at all sorts of different times (when stunned, when in air, after landing, without damaging before grab, etc) and in that 4 hour I received 1 kill that met the parameters of the quest.

    HOW TO I COMPLETE THIS?! Is it bugged??

  • I have a similar issue with the 175K healing in one match. I barely made the cut with Seris, but its not marked.
    heal.png evidence.png

  • PC

    @Tkeller1321 I did this yesterday for the heck of it.. Biggest problem I had was getting the slay after the grab before an ally did. I used only Vortex Grip and was playing training siege matches. Most of the matches I had live teammates so they kept taking the kills. Eventually I got a match with 4 bot teammates. They were stealing the kills too but since I could delay the match more I had more time to do it and finished the challenge.

    Bottom line is you have to get the slay after the grab within 5s of grabbing them. Hope this helps.

    Since the ult is in there too you can overpower from a distance but don't finish kill. Then grab then slay - away from your teammates. Hopefully they don't follow you 🙂

    Edit: I just looked at what it took - 6 total matches to do all of it. The top match was just to finish the ult portion - I used storm for that and bought morale boost. The one where I died was the one that did most of the grab slays.


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