• I find Sha lin a very enjoyable champion to play, though hes one of the worst damagers in the whole game, his dps is 666 which is the lowest dps for damagers, thought i find this not that annoying, there is a thing that rlly annoys me and thats imani.
    If we compare Sha lin vs Imani fire stance, we see that:
    -Imani's fire deals the same damage as Sha lin's bow but it charges faster, with a dps of 833
    -Imani has instacast after a few hits with her fire
    -The fire has a bigger hitbox, so its easier to hit
    -U dont need to load ur shots with Imani to actually hit ur enemy ez, with sha lin its very hard to actually land shots that arent fully loaded to guys who are further away.

    Also Sha lin has got 1 stance whiles imani has two weapons, it feels really bad compared to Sha.

  • Sha is extremely bad at the moment, the worst damage champion unfortunately. Nerf after nerf after nerf, and now he is where the very bottom. They should REALLY go ahead and show him some love.

  • PC

    I wouldn't go as far to say he's extremely bad, but yeah he is the worst of the damage category now that Dredge got buffed, and Tyra also did indirectly.

    He needs less CD on his Withdraw, none of the dumb FPS drops, and Recurve in his base kit. Would also be nice if Desert Shadow was buffed, and they put back in a talent that would affect Planted.

  • @Dusklicious i completely agree with the recurve needed in his base kit, also i would make the talent desert shadow so, that if u use withdraw u stay in your invis for about 2s longer and your first shot doesnt break stealth and maybe deals 25% more damage. I find the explosive arrows quite ok, and i would change recurve so that u would actually get DR while you draw your bow or the RMB will always stun but only for 0,7s

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