Champion Concept: Faith, Last Mercy

  • Lore:

    Faith and Barik spent many years as colleges reserching for the Magastrate. When the war broke out, Faith chose to stay with the Magastrate, having been brainwashed
    by them that the christels would only spell the end of peace. When the Magastrate began losing battles, they called on everyone they could to fight for them. Faith belived she could have
    used more time to finish her gauntlets, but alas, she would plenty of time for that after the paladins where defeated.

    Role: Support
    Health: 1800

    Weapon: Experimental Gauntlets - A lock on beam of healing or damage. Heals 400 every 1 second when applied to allies, 250 direct damage dealt to opponents every 1 second.
    Ammo: Consumes 1 charge block every 4 seconds.
    Reload: None

    Alt-Fire: Experemental Gauntlets - A lock on beam of damage buff or nerf, buffing alies for 30% more damage and nerfing oponants for - 40% damage delt. Can be used while using primary.
    Ammo: Consumes 1 charge block every 4 seconds.

    Q: Experimental Charge - Buffs Experimental Gauntlets, Healing 400 hp - 600 hp, nerf 40% - 60%. Damage 250 hp - 500 hp, buff 30% - 40%. Experimental Gauntlets consume no energy. Lasts 4 seconds.
    Cooldown: Consumes all charges

    F: Rise - Smash the ground, stunning all nearby opponents, and then jump into the air.
    Cooldown: Consumes 1 charge block
    Cast time: 1 seconds

    Ultimate: Resurrect - Resurrect all allied players within a large radius


    Talent - Angle of Death: Experimental Gauntlets gain 100% lifesteal.

    Talent - Angle of Life: Rise now resurrects all allied players in range.

    Talent - Save Me!: When Faith falls below 30% health, she teleports back to spawn.
    Cooldown: 30 seconds

    Killing Enemies:

    Barik: "You made your choice"
    Valera: "What did you want?"
    Lex: "Your journey ends. Here"
    Furia: "You cannot change fate"

  • @YellowSt
    So... An old Mercy from Overwatch, but with damage in heal-ray?

    Firstly, your primary and alt fire have the same name. Secondly, balance:
    Constant healing 500 per sec is a bit too big, ain't it? Most of supports have to take a talent for that and they do have reload. Also, you can buff your ally damage while healing them just holding both mouse buttons together. Why are these separate effects again? The same states for your damage. You can simply hold both buttons to deal damage and reduce enemy damage. No ammo, no CD, no overheat.
    Q is a joke. You simply overflow your numbers to nuts. 90% dr, really? 50% damage buff for 8s? Considering constant 750 healing you with one single ally can wipe the whole enemy team clean at good timing. Also, with chronos 3 you will always have this ability active. Too OP buff, IMO.
    Add stun duration for Rise ability please. Also, escape with stun and 5s CD is, again, OP.
    Resurrect is a weird ability, it might be broken due issues with death timers, death positioning and so on, but that is technical problems.
    Talents... They are unspeakably awful
    100% lifesteal? Do you want your champ to be an immortal pressing death machine(in early game at least)?
    Resurrection every 5s? No words, just acronyms: OP.
    Teleport to spawn? Why do you need that? Without a horse, that you won't have since you are alive, it'll take ages to return to fight and heal your allies. In the other hand, it can be OP, if you gonna play her as a flank-support (that is possible, considering her LMB+RMB combo)

    Overall, this champ needs serious balance changes. Add her some kind of ammo, separate her primary and alt fire (you can use one at a time), increase her base damage, change her Q (make it more interesting and unique, than a simple buff), increase CD of F and rework talents. Then she might be ok.

  • @JoeTheMoonwalker any ideas for talents? That's why there so bad, i had nothing good in my head.

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