**Upcoming Fun This week (and weekly maybe)**

  • Flanking Friday 22.11.2019 (Friday) ___since 15:00 UTC (at least til 22:00 UTC)
    Basicly stacking flankers & flanking substitutes in casual matches in attempt to
    1 - get better at em
    2- have fun
    3-Annoy oponents a bit... just a little bit

    Questionable Saturday23.11.2019(saturday) ___since 15:00 UTC (at least til 22:00 UTC)
    in short - Beta testing environment for weird builds and dumb fun (can be done casual or ranked)

    + on top of that...
    Normal tournaments wil be hosted and being on the server You wil have notice every time it happens for any of games You choose to join in our comunity.

    i am sure to bring few things for those 2 events in line with flanking Ying; Ofheal Raum; Full ult Talus; No reload Khan; See em all-Vivian....... and many others. You can find me by nick elpipos22 both in game and on server.

    || Server link: https://discord.gg/VEnn275 ||
    as in other days normal matches wil stil happen and server wil stil do other games, but this is little something iw want to bring into existence at that time.

    **Why should you join? **
    Server is based mostly around gaming communities of Overwatch, Smash, Paladins, Pokemon and others.
    Almost all of us are either fluent or communicative in English and we do incorporate Voice Chat (VC) a lot during server life (And if anybody would like to be a commentator for a game stream that is welcome as well).
    Also the Server hosts non-game events like Movie Nights (ex. JoJo Rabbit, Star Wars Tribology, etc. )and more.

  • Event's today at 15:00 Universal time (GMT + 0)

    Join if You want to hit the realm or if You want to have fun with people on the server ; )
    Glad to welcome You in our ranks anyways.

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