Flank Concept: Xyris, Knight In The Woods

  • Some brief context first. I recently attended HRX last weekend, and one of the Panels was a Design-A-Champ Panel where the attendees worked together to make a Paladins Champion. After that Panel, I took what we had made and put it into this.

    xyris headshot.png
    Art by a friend of mine, Aerophobia

    Role: Flank
    2100 Health
    375 Movement Speed


    Since times long forgotten, the powerful and enigmatic creatures known as Woodsborn have defended the forests of The Realm, and the creatures which reside in them. But in recent years, their leaders have grown more and more afraid of the "civilized" world and their tools, and have restricted the Woodsborn Warriors to only the center of their lands. Disgusted at their apparent lack of care or action, one of the warriors named Xyris led a revolution, overthrowing the elders and establishing herself as the new leader of the Woodsborn. She would not stand idly by while the humans dug, chopped and carved away at the natural world. Instead, she would lead the verdant tide against man and machine alike. Xyris dances across the battlefield, cutting down any who would challenge her.


    Primary Fire: Thornthrower (Direct Damage)
    Thrust your spear, launching a magic spike which deals 600 damage. 0.1s prefire, 0.5s post-fire. One spike at a time will stick to surfaces. 8 ammo, 1.5s reload

    Alternate Fire: Bramble Burst (Blast Damage)
    Detonate all of your current ammo, dealing 150 damage for each. Knocks both you and enemies back with increased force based on the amount of ammo consumed.
    5s cooldown

    Ability 1: Briar Wall
    Sprout a thorny bush from your active spike. The bush will prevent enemies from moving through it, and has 3000 Health. Lasts 4s.
    12s cooldown

    Ability 2: Gallop
    Leap forwards. If you hit the ground or a wall, kick off of it and leap again.
    11s cooldown

    Ultimate: Overgrowth
    Leap into the air, then aim your spear at the ground and throw it. Ivy and briars will spread across all surfaces in a large area, initially Rooting enemies for 1.5s. Enemies in the area are slowed by 50%. The briars must be attacked in order to shrink and destroy them.


    ( Default ) Honor Bound: Killing Blows restore 8 ammo, reset your cooldowns and grant 15% Ultimate Charge.

    ( Level 2 ) Habitat: You may deploy a second spike with Thornthrower, but the health of Briar Wall is reduced by 50%.

    ( Level 8 ) Galavant: Bramble Burst has a 4s reduced cooldown, and only uses 1 ammo.

    [Loadout Cards]

    • Weapon/Armor
      Mother’s Calling - Gain {50|50} Health.
      Oaken Armor - Gain {4|4}% damage reduction below 40% Health.
      Fellowship - Receive {8|8}% increased healing below 50% Health.
      Unyielding Warrior - Dropping below 50% Health grants you a {100|100} Health Shield for 3s. 30s cooldown

    • Alternate Fire
      Reckless - Increase the self-knockback of Bramble Burst by {5|5}%.
      Recycle - Restore {10|10} Health for every ammo consumed by Bramble Burst.
      Natural Instinct - Increase your reload speed by {5|5}% after using Bramble Burst.
      Homeland Protection - Increase the knockback of Bramble Burst on enemies by {8|8}%.

    • Ability 1
      Ambush Predator - Entering Briar Wall increases your movement speed by {8|8}% for 5s.
      Grove - Activating Briar Wall restores {100|100} Health.
      Fenced Off - Increase the Health of Briar Wall by {200|200}.
      Woods' Defender - Reduce the cooldown of Briar Wall by {0.5|0.5}s.

    • Ability 2
      Spring into Action - Increase the distance of the initial leap of Gallop by {5|5}%.
      Graceful Leap - Increase the distance of the second leap of Gallop by {10|10}%.
      Joust - Increase your movement speed by {5|5}% for 3s after using Gallop.
      Tree Hopper - Reduce the cooldown of Gallop by {0.5|0.5}s.

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