The simple Positioning guide

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    Who stand in:

    Gray: Inara, Barik, Terminus, Fernando, Ash, Grover, Grohk, Tyra

    Brown: Makoa, Atlas, Khan, Ash, Fernando, Ruckus, Pip, Grohk, Tyra, (All flanks BTW)

    Blue: Seris, Furia, Mal'damba, Io, Pip, Bomb King, Drogoz(?), Dredge

    Green: Cassie, Bomb King, Viktor, Sha Lin, Seris, Furia, Drogoz, Dredge

    Red: Strix, Kinessa, Sha lin

    IDK: Imani, Willo (Someone ask me please)

    Why I made this guide?

    TBH, even if this guide is 40% wrong, I just want from some people who always die to understand why they are dying, It's positioning bruh...

    I know that many players have problems with positioning, I just tried to help them....

  • Pretty bad guide tbh. Positioning isn't something static. Positioning always depends on what the enemy team is doing and on the flow of the game. For example: at a start of a point fight your team manages to get two picks early, so it's a 5v3 situation. In such a situation there is no reason why you should stay far in the backline as a DPS. Instead you should push forward through the space that has been created due to the two picks and try to pick the other 3 enemies as well as to dismount the 2 enemies that were killed. The general guide for positioning is to position yourself in a way where you can deal the most damage while at the same time getting as little damage as possible. As a healer you should positiong yourself so you can dish out the most healing while at the same time stayling alive. The general goal in the game is to get picks. If you get a pick, your team is at an advantage to win the point fight.

  • The Grover positioning is wrong. He is not close to the point tanks since his large heal radius and ability to heal through walls enables him to stay at save distance. Also the more distance he has the more damage he can do. He belongs at blue or brown.

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    No offense, but what am I even looking at?

    This is honestly a really bad guide. Positioning is not nearly this cut and dry. Plus some of these suggestions would just encourage a lot of lower level players to stay in one place while they just get slaughtered.

    Although yes, these positions do somewhat translate to where you would be if you were safe to be in those positions, like the optimal position when you aren't getting pushed in, at low health, etc.

    Also agree somewhat with @M3RC3N4RI0 . That Grover positioning is totally wrong. But I don't agree with the idea he belongs at brown in 90% of circumstances (by this guide's standards of proper positioning). It depends on the map, team comp, and health situation of flankers/flank-heavy damages/off-tanks. But normally, I'd say optimally, on the sides of Blue would be about right by this chart.

    Pip totally does not belong in blue, he belongs in either Green or Brown, depending on playstyle. Tyra sure as f*** doesn't belong in Gray, and rarely should be in brown (generally blue, but even green depending on your team's positioning), Lian isn't even mentioned (Probably belongs around Green most of the time, but can also work in Brown from what I've seen), Grohk generally should be closer to Blue than Gray... Yeah there's a lot to rip into on this one.

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    @Dusklicious I know it’s totally wrong, I am just trolling on a flank grover, tank furia, damage ash imao

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    @Dusklicious and yeah I am bad at non-champion guides.

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