Barik Guide

  • Barik is a front line in Paladins. He's played as a pure point tank. To contrast with Inara, he has a few pros and cons. Pros: can work well with Jenos as a healer because he has a lot of self healing and self sustain on his own. This means Jenos can prioritize damage boosting the dps instead of pocket healing Barik. Cons: Inara has more damage mitigation and health, so she's a bit tankier if she has the right healer. Barik has 3 talents: one is straight up garbage, one can work, and the other is his meta pick.


    This talent is garbage. It's like Inara's Tremors talent. Your heart is in the right place (many pick Inara's tremors because they use her walls as shields instead of zoning/point capture), but this isn't a good talent in higher ranks. It's nice that you're thinking of your team because you want a large health pool shield with a shorter cooldown, but it's just not viable. Sorry... You could get Palisade to reduce the cooldown even more. Bowling Ball and Failsafe are still a must have along with healing station.


    I use this against flanks because the auto aim of the turrets with increased damage is a bitch to them. Usually against bad team comps that go double or even triple flank. A lot of people hate this talent, but it's not bad. It allows you to damage hard to hit flanks with the turrets and your bullet spread, plus it's great at applying caut. With your turrets up even more, you have more self sustain and can be more independent from your healer. Cards: Bowling Ball at 4, Failsafe at 3, Healing Station at 3, Field Deploy at 3 or 4, and the last one is a filler card (I personally have Brave and Bold). Bowling Ball at 4 gives you a 1,200 health shield when you use rocket boots. Failsafe at 3 resets the cooldown of rocket boots when you fall below 30% health (the passive cooldown is every 30 seconds though, so yeah). Healing Station at 3 heals me for 135 every second when I stand next to a turret. Field Deploy at 3-4 reduces the deploy time of my turrets by 1.8 or 2.4 seconds. Brave and Bold at 1-2 gives me an extra 150 or 300 health. You don't want to run this talent against the following champions: Ash, Maelstrom Grohk, Fernando, Terminus, Tyra, Willo/Drogoz/Bomb King, or Pip. Those are at the top of my head since they give me the most trouble. Use it against: Maeve, Evie, Skye, and Talus.

    Strategy with Architectonics

    I put up my shield first and then lay my turrets downs on opposite sides of me for sustain. I might put a turret in a place that can destroy any flank. I remember a poor Maeve trying to move as fast as possible, but my turret still got her. Poor thing. ☹


    Meta talent before the nerf (cries). Tinkering is different from Architectonics. You don't have your turrets up as much because of the longer cooldown, and your weapon is more concentrated (so no headshots). It seems like a bad talent, but it has a bunch of extra pros. For one, when going against people who destroy your turrets anyway, you'll deal an extra 60 flat damage all the time. That adds up after a while. Another thing is that since it turns into more of a hitscan weapon, you have less damage falloff which is better for zoning. I have 2 loadouts for this one. One is when I'm going against people that destroy my turrets anyway, and one is a general tinkering loadout. Destroyed turrets: Bowling Ball at 4, Failsafe at 3, Healing Station at 3, One Man's Scrap at 4, and Brave and Bold at 1. I've explained Bowling Ball, Failsafe, and Healing Station above. One Man's Scrap at 4 means that I heal for 400 health over 5 seconds (roughly 80 health per second) when my turret is destroyed. Brave and Bold is just a filler for more health. General loadout: Bowling Ball at 4, Failsafe at 3, Healing Station at 4, Red Streak at 3, and Brave and Bold at 1. Red Streak at 3 means I get a flat 2.4 second cool down on rocket boots, which pairs well with Bowling Ball.

    Strategy for Tinkering

    Bowling Ball, Failsafe, and Healing Station are similar to Architectonics. When you're about to tank a bunch of damage, you rocket boots to shield it. When you fall below 30% health, you rocket boots again and have your turrets set up to heal you at the same time. This is why Barik is a point tank, and he pairs well with Jenos. Jenos won't have to worry about you too much because you'll have your own self healing and shielding. Though a burst healer certainly wouldn't be hated. ☺ I generally use the extra damage to pressure mid ranged damages, knock people off their horses, and keep them at bay. One Man's Scrap means that when people destroy my turrets, I get healing from it, which is good. Also, you can destroy your own turret by replacing it, so it's a way to get some extra health in a fight.


    Similar items to Inara for the most part. I usually prioritize haven/blast shields, and then rejuvenate. Master Riding is okay, cauterize is okay, and resilience (since you don't have any cc immunity), is good. Chronos is also okay, but it should be a last pick, and only if other items don't make sense, so same as Inara.

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