I Wanna play ranked, but got no champions!

  • If you want to play Ranked, you should know the meta, which champions are good and which are bad, and which talents are the best.
    Supports: Pretty much all of them are playable except Pip and Grohk (these are played more as damage dealers), the best ones are probably Damba (Spirit Chosen) Jenos (Luminary).

    Damage Dealers: the best one is Cassie (Impulse is the best talent, though all 3 are playable), Lian (Eminence is the best) is also good. They are good on every map. Blasters like Drogoz (WYRM-Jets always, except Ice Mines and Frog Isle, where probably Combustible is better), Willo (Blastflower) and Bomb King (Royal Subjects) are good, but only on certain maps. Best maps for snipers are Frog Isle, Timber Mill, maybe even Fish Market. Tyra (Hunting Party), Viktor (Burst) and Vivian (Booby or Opportunity in Chaos) are all 3 good, especially Tyra is strong, I'm glad she is being nerfed soon. Sha Lin is not trash, but he is basically a bad version of Strix and Cassie.

    Flanks: Evie (Wormhole) and Maeve (Cat Burglar) are the best ones, Lex seems like being playable (Death Hastens), but all the others are kinda meh, can work if being pocketed by a Torvald.

    Tanks: the most powerful class in the game, almost all tanks are really good, the worst tanks at the moment are Fernando (Formidable) and Terminus (Decimate). Ruckus (Rocket Barrage) can work, but he's not the best, though I wouldn't call him bad. There are point tanks like Barik (Tinkerin) and Inara (Mother's Grace), they are really great at controlling the point. Other tanks like Khan (Storm of Bullets), Ash (all three talent are playable, Battering Ram is probably played most often), Makoa (all 3 talent are playable, Leviathan probably strongest talent) and Atlas (Deja-Vu) are so called off-tanks. They are good at flanking, 1v1s, creating space and running into enemies and killing them.

    Picks and Bans: strong champions you can ban are Khan, Atlas, Makoa, Torvald, Ash (oftentimes 2 or 3, sometimes even 4 tanks are banned, because of how strong they are), Cassie (best damage dealer in the game), Lian (also strong), Maeve & Evie can be banned sometimes (just strong, lots of range and mobility, and poke), Jenos can be banned cuz he's strong and annoying to play against.

    If you want to climb in Ranked, play the strongest champions, try to play Cassie, Evie or Maeve every game and be good with them, because as a support you can't carry and you have to rely on your teammates, so play damage or flank so you can carry. As I said, just play Cassie, Maeve or Evie, hit your shots, be good with them and you will easily climb in ranked.

    Best team composition: two tanks, two damage dealers/flanks, one support ist the standard composition (ideally one point tank, one off-tank, one blast damager, one direct damager). On smaller maps triple tank can work. Triple damage one tank one support can work too (especially with a Jenos as support)

  • And I forgot to mention that at low elo everything is playable, but if you climb higher you need to know the meta.

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