DC replacement bots behaviour

  • DC replacement bots behaviour is a disaster. And I speak not about their ground high play level or something, no. I speak about wasting resources.

    Couple hours back I've played a match and got a DC. Nothing serious, really, 30 sec and I'm back online. But while I was reconnecting replacement bot just wasted my ultimate and credits I was planning to spend on Resilience after death (it bought Heaven). That ruined my game. Not only I died several times without CC reduction I had to have at the moment, I couldn't turn the table with my ultimate I was saving, because of DC bot.

    My suggestion is simple: let us have some reconnection time, about 3 minutes. During it replacement bot cannot use your ultimate or buy items for you.

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    I don't know anything about ults, but bots soon will not be buying items if the player is disconnected

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    @Lukash369 I got disconnected before the loading frames yesterday. I assure you they buy items. They also ult - usually after a push has completed - meaning it's wasted.

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    @DaddyOoker I mean now they are still buying. It is possible that in the third season they will stop.

    More info --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiDjF8N1T5s

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