Cross play

  • Hello fellow gamers. I know we are on different platforms(pc, console) but don’t you wanna play on the same platform against the same people?

    Well now you can’t! With the button allowing you to turn on and off cross play you still get put in games with different platforms. I am a console player myself and I don’t want to play against a 100+ lvl evie main who can just flick their mouse up and down like a dolphin so we can not hit her.

    The button allowing you to physically not allow you to play with other platforms is just a punch in the face like you didn’t even enable/disable it.

    I again will say most pc players don’t want to go against console players just because they want to play on their platform only.

    I don’t know if this is a bug and no one spotted it but here you go. This was making me very frustrated going against we’ll say dumb because TOS and stuff like that players who just flick their mouse with there movement abilities is just to hard to keep up again especially with a very aggressive (experienced evie). Have a great day everyone! I’m going to not going to break my controller but, take a nice long break, eat some food and enjoy the Sunday. 🙂

  • I play on a console with and against players on PC. I really haven't noticed any difference in how the different platform players differ. In my opinion.

  • PC

    @AToxicMuffin It's not the platform it's the input type.. My config screen looks like this since I'm on PC. I assume you have something similar on the console. Just set Crossplay to Gamepad Only and Input Method to Gamepad. This should eliminate the mouse people regardless of platform.