Maeve Guide

  • Maeve is a flank champion in Paladins.


    - daggers: you basically throw 2 knives every second that each deal 400 damage, for a dps of 800.

    - pounce: a fast dash that does 400 damage, goes through shields, Androxus's reversal, and Terminus's power siphon. Has a 10 second cooldown.

    - prowl: your movement ability. You move 50% faster and jump even higher. The move is canceled by using another ability or firing your weapon. Has a 12 second cooldown.

    - nine lives: let's try that again... Basically, it's a move that resets prowl and pounce, plus heals you for 400 health. Has a 20 second cooldown.

    - midnight: your ultimate ability that basically restricts your enemies, within 300 units (so not map wide) vision to a 30 unit radius for 4 seconds. Is affected by resilience and cc immunity.

    Street Justice

    Most Maeve mains hate this talent. It's considered low skill. They also argue that it teaches bad habits, like going after tanks as a flank. So what does this talent even do? Why do people hate it? Well it allows your pounce to execute targets at or below 35% hp. It's a tank buster talent since it goes through shields. Cards: Persistence at 4, Shred at 4, Sixth Sense at 3, Walk it off at 2, and Street Cred at 2. Persistence should be in every Maeve loadout at a 4 or 5. It means that you take about 16% or 20% less damage when you're at or below 40% health. Shred at 4 reduces the cooldown of pounce by 2 seconds. Sixth Sense at 3 means you take 15% less damage for 2 seconds after you pounce. Walk it off at 2 means you heal for 80 per second during prowl. Street Cred at 2 gives you 100 bonus health, which stacks with damage reduction.


    You basically wait for a damage to get a tank down, and then execute them. This is a beginner talent because if you miss a couple of shots in a 1v1, you can pounce to execute them. Even though pros look down on it, I recommend beginner Maeves to use this talent until they learn to hit their shots. Items: rush cauterize! It's the first item you should buy. Next should be kill to heal, and a blue item depending on who's giving you trouble. Nimble is a good card to get, but I feel fast enough with Maeve anyway. It's a good option though. I personally don't like life rip, I prefer kill to heal as a flank, but it's okay for Maeve I suppose. You're going to mostly be getting killing blows instead of just outright dealing damage.

    Rogue's Gambit

    This is the talent that pros use for added mobility. It gives you an extra pounce after an elimination/killing blow. It's also her harder talent to get the most use out of. I personally don't use it because it's too much for and not enough reward to warrant the work. I used it a few times just to test it out. Cards: Persistence at 5, Savagery at 4, Sixth Sense at 2, Cut and Run at 2, and Scamper at 2. Savagery at 4 gives me a 280 heal on pounce. Cut and Run at 2 gives me 20% more speed after a kill or elimination. Scamper at 2 means I get 20% extra speed after using pounce. Rouge's Gambit is about getting in and out. Being as mobile as possible. I use the extra speed cards for that reason alone.


    Just be as annoying and mobile as possible. This requires more awareness because you're watching for low hp targets to execute. Once you kill that target, pounce out of there. The heal is on pounce in this one and not street justice for a few reason. With Street Justice, you're pouncing to execute. In that case, prowl is for your extra sustain and to get away. With Rogue's Gambit, your pounce isn't going to be used to kill, more like a move to get away and get extra sustain. I used 2 speed cards for added mobility, because Rogue's Gambit is about being as mobile as possible. The cons for this one over the next talent is that it's pretty team dependent. You have to rely on your teammates bursting a person down, and you executing them, like a true flank. You have more sustain though since the extra pounce means an extra 280 health (assuming no caut). Items: cauterize, and any blue item for the team. Kill to heal, and maybe nimble. These are going to be the standard items for Maeve, and flanks in general.

    Cat Burglar

    My favorite! Even though I still think it needs a nerf. Though might as well use the overpowered talent am I right? Basically, after you use prowl, your first 2 weapon shots deal an extra 30% damage for 5 seconds. So instead of each dagger dealing 400 for a dps of 800, each dagger deals 520 for a dps of 1,040. So 2 shots deal 2,080 instead of 1,600, assuming you hit your first two shots. Cards: I have 2 loadouts for this talent. Regular Cat Burglar, and Cat Burglar heals. Regular Cat Burglar: Persistence at 5, Savagery at 4, Chase at 2, Street Cred at 2, and Cut and Run at 2. Chase at 2 gives me 20% extra movement speed during prowl. Cat Burglar Heals: Persistence at 5, Savagery at 5, Patch up at 2, Chase at 2, and Street Cred at 1. Patch up at 2 gives me an extra 160 heal when I use nine lives, so 560 health instead of 400 health when I use nine lives.


    You're not as reliant on your team because you can poke from aware, and get a ton of burst damage. Prowl and pounce up to get an aerial view of your enemies. If the team is fortified, poke from afar for 1,040 per weapon shot. If you see an opening, throw your daggers 3 times to execute them. Then nine lives, and pounce away. Items are the same as before, cauterize, kill to heal, blue item, and maybe nimble.

    In general, you don't get wrecker or bulldozer. Maeve is a flank, she's made to clean up the damage dealers mess. She doesn't go after deployables or tanks. Besides, she can pounce through shields anyway. The only reason to ever get wrecker, is if you're going against Torvald, who can shield his allies, or you're going against like 3 shield tanks. Other than that, I personally wouldn't get it for Maeve. Bulldozer is something that damage (usually burst or snipers) or the support get. Morale boost is pretty useless on Maeve since her ult is basically to help her team, and herself, get out of a tight spot. Honestly, Maeve is like Atlas in that the only thing preventing her from being even more busted, is that her ult is overwhelming and more about supporting the team, or getting herself out of a tight spot. If the team doesn't act on it, the ult is useless. Plus it's countered hard by cc immunity and resilience.

    Edit: why all the heal and damage reduction cards? To be independent. As a support main, flanks are my last priority. Point tank, main damage, off tank, other damage, and flank. That's the hierarchy. Point tanks usually mitigate the most damage on the point and then zone, while the main damage does the most damage. Off tanks should have some sustain on their own, but they take priority over other damage and flank. It's how it is and how I play the game. As a flank, you need a bit of your own self-sustain since you're the last priority for most support players. Only exception is if someone is going luminary Jenos, and the flank is someone good (like Uberspaydy, Z1unknown, Techno, Kamivs, etc). If you aren't one of those exceptions, you aren't going to be a focus for most healers.

  • Literally the only reason I still play this game yet the only character that I just can't do good with (except Drogoz but that's because of controller limitations), and yeah SJ needs to be removed and replaced with something that buffs her ult or prowl instead.

  • I like this guide! I'm struggling with Maeve though I enjoy her gameplay a lot!

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