Skye Guide

  • Skye is a flank in Paladins.


    - Wrist Crossbow: you fire an attack that deals 130 damage every .1 seconds, so a dps of 1,300. Her weapon shots can headshot for 195 damage, so you can potentially do a max dps of 1,950. Not likely due to bloom after firing for a while though. You have a lot of damage fall off, so it's better to use it at a close range.

    - Poison Bolts: You fire 3 poison darts that each deal 10% of the targets damage over 4 seconds. Assuming the target has 2,000 and 4,000 health, you do about 200 and 400 damage each poison bolt over 4 seconds, and 600 and 1200 for all three. That's a dps of 150 and 300 for all three. This has no damage falloff. Has an 8 second cooldown.

    - Smoke Screen: You throw a smoke bomb with a 25 unit radius that lasts for 5 seconds at base. When you're in the smoke screen, you get stealth for about 3 seconds, assuming you leave. Has a 12 second cooldown.

    - Hidden: This ability allows you to enter stealth for 7.5 seconds at base. You can cancel by hitting hidden again, using another ability, or attack. Has a 15 second cooldown.

    - Ultimate: times ticking! You throw a bomb that has a radius of 75 units, but fully effective for up to 25 units. It deals 3,000 damage and destroys shields after 2.5 seconds.

    Smoke and Dagger

    This allows you to heal your allows in your smoke screen for 400 health every second. They're going to change it in season 3, so don't get too attached to this talent. For now, I have a loadout for this talent. Cards: poisoner at 4, quick smoker at 5, confound at 4, healing vapors at 1, and specter at 1. Poisoner 4 reduces the cooldown of my poison bolts by 4 seconds. Quick smoker 5 reduces the cooldown of my smoke screen by 3 seconds. Confound 4 reduces the cooldown of smoke screen by 2 seconds when I hit an enemy with poison bolts. Healing vapors 1 heals me for 100 health per second while I'm in smoke screen. Specter is a filler card that makes smoke screen last for .6 seconds longer.


    You're the perfect dps healer. You attack using your poison bolts, because that'll reduce the cooldown of your smoke screen, which heals your allies. The more you damage, with poison bolts, the more you heal. It's that simple. I've healed for 40,000 during a casual match. Then again, we did have Atlas as our only tank, and a flank, so that reduced my healing numbers. I've heard one person say they've healed for 100k with Skye! Madness! Items: You play like a support. You get Chronos to get a cooldown on your heals. You get a blue item to last longer. Morale Boost for your point clearing ult.


    Getting a kill resets your cooldowns and heals you for 500. Personally not a fan of this talent. You have cards that reduce all your cooldowns and you can get kill to heal 2 (where you don't even have to get the kill). The benefit is that you don't have to waste cards on cooldowns and the 500 heal is not affected by cauterize. Cards: Poisoner 5, Victory Rush 3, Nimble Fingers 2, Decrepify 3, and Ninja 2. Victory Rush 3 means that after an elimination, you gain 30% movement speed for 8 seconds. Nimble Fingers 2 means you gain 20% reload speed for 5 seconds after using poison bolts. Decrepify means you don't consume ammo after using poison bolts for 1.8 seconds. Ninja 2 means you get 10% increased speed during hidden.


    You're the closest thing Skye can get to a flank here. You rely on damage to get a target down, and then you rush them. You use hidden to rush the enemy, burst them down with poison bolts, keep shooting, and then move on quickly to the next low hp target with your 30% increased speed. You can kill and keep on moving with this talent. Items: cauterize, a blue item, morale boost, and filler depending on the situation. You could get kill to heal to stack with your preparation talent. You could also get life rip. Even nimble to stack with your speed cards.


    Skye's only viable talent as far as I'm concerned. I'm not a fan of preparation because you get cooldowns based on heals, and you're not likely to get a kill without the burst of debilitate. This talent gives your poison bolts 25% extra damage and does it in 2 seconds. That means each poison bolt does 12.5% of your targets damage in 2 seconds. If the target has 2,000 and 4,000 hp, each bolt does 250 damage and 500 damage over 2 seconds for a dps of 125 and 250. The poison bolts combined do 750 damage and 1500 damage over 2 seconds, a max dps of 375 and 750. Cards: Poisoner 5, quick smoker 3, confound 4, healing vapors 2, decrepify 2, and nimble fingers 2.


    You basically burst enemies does with poison bolts and your weapon shots. Retreat and heal up in your smoke screen. This is a tank buster because the more health they have, the more damage you do. In 2 seconds you do 1500 damage to a tank with 4,000 health, that's a lot of damage. Even to squishy targets with 2,000 hp, losing 750 health in 2 seconds, plus weapon shots, is not to be taken lightly at all. Items: cauterize, kill to heal, a blue item, and morale boost. Nimble is fine, but the 4 items above are usually better. If you want more speed, replace decrepify 2 with victory rush 2.

    Healing Vapors is your only sustain card at the moment. Preparation is a sustain talent, but relies on you getting kills, and kill to heal 2 will give you 600 health on kills OR eliminations. 😕

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