Skye probably needs a rework!

  • Am I the only one who thinks Skye needs a whole new kit?
    Her stealth ability is just not good enough, compared to other flankers. And even if u manage to flank someone, and u don´t manage to kill him before he realizes you´re there, u lose the 1 vs 1. And even if u manage to do that, unlike other flankers Skye is not able to escape from the backline most of the time. It seems like Skyes only use is to shred tanks (due to her poison), which obviously is not the purpose of a flanker. Her Poison Bolt deals more damage, if her target has more hp, which is counterproductive, because a flanker should eliminate squishies. So I thought about a possible rework:

    First of all her stealth needs to be reworked, to be a better flank mechanic. I had this crazy idea, of her stealth becoming her passiv. How about giving skye a whole new f ability, and make her stealth her passiv. So how about this: Skye gets invisible everytime she is out of combat (same as the passive healing every character has). Due to this, her stealth mechanics comes to a whole new level. It would still be countered by illuminate, so I´m not quite sure if it is overpowered, but actually I don´t think so. However, I think Illuminate could be buffed in this case, for an even bigger radius. But with this she would be like Evelynn from League of legends.

    The damage of her poison bolt could be reworked, so that it deals damage of a specific percent of missing life, exactly as the old street wise from Maeve did. Obviously in this case, the base damage needs to be removed. So let´s say if all 3 bolts hit, it deals 50% of the missing life as damage (so it´s like almost 17% per bolt). Most champions have 2000 life, so if they are half life (1000) it would deal 500 damage. I don´t know if it would be overpowered, or completely garbage, but I think u could finish of low targets, like an assasin should do. However, poison bolts couldn´t be used to engage the fight anymore, it would be a tool to finish enemies off.

    Maybe one of her talents could be reworked, so that the old "shredding tanks" playstile could still be played. Maybe with this, the damage could be changed to "max hp" again.

    Now it´s time to think about a new F ability. To be honest I don´t have an awesome idea here. Maybe it could be an ability, that lets Skye break out of stealth, and gives her attack speed, and lifesteal, to win 1vs1´s easier, because that´s her main issue at the moment. With this, you could engage into fights, because the old poison bolts would be missing. Skyes base attack speed is really high, so I don´t know if even higher would be effective tho.
    First I thought that it could just give her a speed boost, if you activate it, but this would be a silly rip off of Maeves and Kogas ability, which is stupid in my opinion.

    I think her ult is fine now, but (and this is just a personal preference) maybe you could increase the timer (maybe from 2,5 seconds as it is now to 3/3,5 seconds idc) but make it charge while it is in the air. With this skye could throw her ultimate effectively, because if you throw it now, everyone sees it, and u probably won´t get a single kill with it.

    Let me know what u think about this. Do you think Skye is okay now, or do you think a rework is needed, and if you do, let me know if you like my ideas or not. Let´s discuss below 🙂

    If u find any spelling or grammar mistakes let me know, because english isn´t my first language

    Greetings from germany!

  • Hi there, I think it would be nice to post this in the Gameplay and Balance Feedback instead of Gameplay and Strategy, perhaps @Borvik would move this thread.

    As for your opinions, I don't entirely disagree with Skye needing a rework but in the last Hi-Rez game (Smite) I played... the pubstomping God that is Loki didn't even remotely get a rework or buff for all the years people complained about him... So if Skye gets proper reworks, it would give Evil Mojo something to brag about to Titan Forge

  • The sad thing is, Skye doesn't just need an outright rework. All she needs is to change smoke screen to something mobile, and then change up her talents and cards. Cards would be something like: damage reduction after using hidden for 4s, the smoke screen replacement heals for a set amount on use, and and gain life rip for 2 seconds after using poison bolts (but nerf the cooldown card so it's not spammed). Then change her talents for her new ability. After that, nerf her damage to accommodate for her added mobility and sustain.

    It's so simple to make Skye an actual flank while keeping her invisibility (because her name starts with the letter S, and S is for stealth), yet they don't seem to want improve her.

  • IMO she could use an energy based stealth mechanic similar to strix but skyes stealth will not be consumed when standing still. Her smoke and dagger talent could be changed to slowly refill her stealth bar when standing still and debilitate should be nerfed to compensated the added stealth.
    Rework ideas aside, illuminate is going to nerfed and smoke and dagger is gonna be reworked again so lets just wait until season 3 comes out cuz skye can still flank well in her current state in the hands of one-tricks and the next update might make her much better without changing her playstyle like JayFlare said in his AoC meeting videos.

  • I feel like she's perfectly fine as is.

  • @Timh2002 Could you make a concept?

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