Things To Prepare Before Ranked

  • @Demigod said in Things To Prepare Before Ranked:

    Our first pick became Skye (naturally) and they got Atlas and Jenos for their first two picks.
    I won that game (fortunately) because their Atlas DC'ed, and their DPS was kinda dumb.

    While in Silver I found no reason to ban Atlas. Silver is mainly one tricks and there is a limited risk of an Atlas one trick in Silver. Not that it did not happen from time to time but you generally wanted to hit the one tricks.
    Atlas started to be a problem around mid Gold.
    Makoa is a different story, he needs to be picked or banned even in Silver.

    It took me way to long to realize that in Silver you need to pick a damage if you are first pick. I found lack of damage to be the most common problem in Silver.
    This surprised me. I thought there would be so many damage and flank one tricks that it did not matter.

    Don't start complaining loudly about the last pick not following "the meta". It does not make a difference anyway. Also: If your last pick is weird there is a very high chance that the opponent last pick is even worse.

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