Evil Mojo has to act up regarding the pro scene in 2020

  • I have read Dethroner's twitlonger recently and now as well have watched Vex30's video regarding the topic and I am more and more starting to believe the pro scene is going to die out sooner than expected. No advertisments in game at all less advertisement than last year, smaller brackets during HRX. EM has focused mainly on fixing bugs more than trying to get more players into the game which is good but it is not going to benefit anything for the pro scene. The playerbase has to grow, advertisements have to be made, anything that promotes the pro scene. Just focusing on existing players and not trying to get the game actually more popular will kill off the pro scene entirely and will as well hurt Paladins in the long run. EM has to act up as fast as possible to grow the playerbase and do the best they can to prevent the pro scene from dying because right now it clearly is dying.

  • They literally had to advertise the PPL in the game. Soooo many players actually had no idea that the PPL even existed.

  • PC

    they will kill the game next year with these changes

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