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    Having a sniper whose based on close to medium range would be so cool and a unique concept to paladins

    cough strix cough

    Lmao right?

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    They aren't really interchangeable.
    People use them based on who they play best, but the only real similarities they share is they both have a sniper rifle and they both have an automatic gun. But that's about it.

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    I guess you haven't seen many good kinessa, nor good strix
    they not gonna stand in backline waiting for someone to rush them, you can go around the map with nessa pretty easily, while strix can be played close range very efficiently

    nessa might need a small buff, and strix a big nerf, but weirdly, most higher tier players prefer kinessa over strix simply for her mobility

    also, the scope change was simply a fov reduction, how would it be good to make that a talent? I'd rather have a talent modifying her carabine than that

  • A talent that let's her toggle zoom levels between the old and new ones would be nice, replace reposition with it because that talent is a noob pick and shouldn't have been chosen over her mine LC.

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    @Sleepy101 Funny thing is, it's never been easier to close range snipe with Strix, which defeats the object.
    Give Kinessa her old scope back in a Talent, yes. Great idea.
    But, make it so Strix has extreme damage drop off against close enemies, such as how Grover's axe works. This will stop the insane burst of Strix being able to 2 shot half the cast, and give reason for the old scopes to come back.

  • Why in a talent? Why not into the base kit? Nobody at all asked for the scope change. I'd also love to see a talent that allows her to kill flanks, like making her carbine stronger. I hate the burst meta and stuff, but let's just make her mines deal a 1000 damage if a flank champion comes close to them. Strix has a Flare and Balanced that deals 1200 damage, why not give Kinessa also such quick burst to kill flanks? It's really frustrating when there's a Maeve or an Evie on the enemy team, because you pretty much can't do anything (combine it with a Tyra that marks you 24/7 and you are pretty much dead all the time). It's really hard to hit them at close range in the sniper mode with the gigantic scope when a Maeve is jumping around you, and the carbine deals too little damage.

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    I hate the burst meta and stuff, but let's just make her mines deal a 1000 damage

    nice contradiction,

    have you tried repositioning before the flank arrives?

  • @Zeebuoy Yes, but the TP has a 10 second cooldown, and even if you tp away, there's no guarantee you'll survive, as they can easily chase you with Soar/Pounce/Prowl. I just don't understand why Strix has this braindead bursty flare, deleting squishies in split second when combined with a quickscope. And Kinessa's mines have very few uses besides dismounting enemies at the spawn and cancelling reload animation, they don't slow anymore, they don't give you damage boost, so making her mines more useful would make sense imo.

  • All Kinessa needs is utility outside of only doing damage.

    I just wish the mines slowed targets gradually the longer the beam was connected to the targer over 2s.

    The previous methods of slow was janky asf for balence as it could +%50 slow foes as soon as it touched them. And for cqc champions that was just too much area denial. But it was a bit sad to lose the slow instead of it being balenced in any shape or form.

    Even after they removed the slow they did not compensate its utility in any way, it does not deny out of combat healing, its best use is for stopping mounted players and target reveal with DoT...


    true, Hirez has not been doing her any favors so far

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