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  • Is hi Rez going to add more skins to the diamond chest? they keep adding battle pass reward “diamond chest” and skins but I’ve got 3 chest I can’t use. If not can I get 900 diamonds since the chest are 300 diamonds to purchase?

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  • It'd be good to refund crystals for any Diamond Chest that goes unused because all the skins are taken. They would rather add more skins as I see it, they are just taking their time because it'd make Diamond Chest a buggy mess if not done correctly.

    Personally I'd love to see the new skins that now you can buy directly with crystals (High Elf Lian, Aurora Furia, Exarch Jenos etc.) added in the Diamond Chest. Besides, Troublemaker Evie, Replicant Ying and others, skins you can buy directly in the respective champion's page, is already in the Diamond Chest. So why not add the new ones as well.

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    I do remember seeing something somewhere, about how they're looking into compensating players or something.

    I know this is incredibly vague, but it was a while back, and it escapes me.

    I have like 5-6 DC, Gold chests are through the roof, and same with the Flair chests.

  • I have over 40 chests that I can’t use. I have bought and played every battle pass, can’t get anything for the diamond chests, the feudal chest too ... you should be able to trade a bunch of the chests for skins you don’t have, or crystals. That cold chest was great as I owned all but the Tyra and Lian skins so that was a great scoop for 400 crystals - 2 skins I really wanted. Anyway, some trade / compensation would be nice. 👍

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    yeah I have a bunch of chests sitting dust as well, I'd love to have some sort of compensation, same for gifts since I won't open them cause I have all so it would give boosters
    I'd love to get crystals for these chests, or skins that I do not have yet

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