Imani Guide

  • Welcome to guide for Imani, The Last Warden.

    This guide will be splitted into different parts:

    1. Introduction - short description of who Imani is as a champion of the Realm

    2. Ability Overview - concise description of Imani' abilities

    3. Talents Overview

    4. Cards Overview - in those 2 sections I am going to point out which cards and talents are worth taking for which build and why.

    5. Itemization - description of which items from the game's Item Shop are worth taking on Imani

    Let's get started.

    1. Introduction

    Imani is a setup-based stance switcher glass cannon with astonishing levels of damage.


    • Exceptional Burst Potential thanks to her fire stance;
    • Forces enemy team to buy Bulldozer (Dragon), Resilience(Frost Bomb) and Haven(2k Fire burst). That is 3 items out of 4 available, noone else in the game forces so much heavy counterpicking.
    • Not very mechanically demanding. Most of her abilities don't require as much aiming, instead, Imani is punished for being braindead more than average character.
    • Arguably, the highest variety of options, builds and cards available out of all champions in the game.
    • Best Mobility in the Damage class.


    • Set-up heavy. Imani player who is not allowed to have time to set up her damage is a dead one. Her DPS without setting up and her cooldowns is absurdly low, meaning she WILL lose her 1v1 fights against flanks if unprepared.
    • Loses to snipers and high burst hitscans easily.
    • Absurd amount of bugs. She is currently the most bugged character in the game. If you value polish over strength, Imani is definitely not for you.

    2. Ability Overview

    Passive: Mana

    Imani generates Mana for her Mana Bar upon dealing damage or via her cards and talents. Once her Mana Bar is full, her next 1 attack is instant. Full Mana Bar decays after 20s if not used. Imani does not gain mana on damaging Shields, including Personal Shields.

    While in Ice Stance, it means that Imani can cancel her first Ice Bolt into another, allowing for 2 Ice Bolts in a quick succession.

    In Fire Stance, Imani will instantly throw 1000 damage Pyre Ball automatically without the need of charging it up.

    Ice Bolts

    While in Ice Stance, Imani's LMB shots 650 Damage projectiles every 0.8s. Each shot applies 15% slow for 1s and generates about 30% Mana.

    Frost Bomb

    Ice RMB is a curvying projectile that roots enemies within 35 units of the explosion for 1s. Detonates when touches the ground or after activating the ability again. You cannot use any abilities while it is active. Generates 4% mana for every 100 damage it deals. 18s CD.

    The biggest thing to note about this ability is that, it doesn't have fall-off damage. Instead, its damage depends on how long it flies. The longer it flies, the higher its damage.

    The best use of this ability is to cancel enemy important escape abilities to guarantee yourself a kill. Alternatively, use it against grouped enemies in tight areas, or to kill enemy behind cover.

    It can also be used to help yourself with dealing with a flank if you predict one is approaching you. You can then have higher chance of winning the 1v1, or you can use the root effect to run away from danger.

    The part below has been patched out. RIP best and most fun bug in the game.

    This ability's starting animation can be canceled into any other ability, allowing you to switch your stance, glide, or shoot once while Frost Bomb is flying to its location. While extremely situational, this technique is absolute nuts once you apply it into your matches.

    There are few specific uses for this animation cancel.
    Canceling Frost Bomb into Glide allows you to either attack very aggressively, useful if you notice enemy out of position, or you can use the Frost Bomb to create time and space for your Glide when trying to proc overtime.

    Canceling it into Stance Switch allows you to Inferno Cannon right after. While it is very dangerous to have both of your RMBs on your cooldowns at the same time, it is a great way to benefit from fat roots if you don't use Splitting Ice. With Splitting Ice however, it is usually better to not switch and deal bounce damage instead. It can also be used to start proc Heatsink card much earlier than usual, allowing for even faster Frost Bomb reset builds.

    Lastly, canceling it into Ice Bolt allows you to use your RMB without compromising your DPS. To do this, press RMB button when your Ice Bolt is about to be thrown, and detonate Frost Bomb after about 0.8s to minimalize the wait time for the 2nd Ice Bolt

    This way you chuck a Frost Bomb inbetween your Ice Bolts for additional 400-650 damage burst and 1s root, depending on timing. It is enough to kill a squishy in just 3 Icebolts instead of 4. If you manage to get your Mana full, you can get up to 3250 damage within 2 seconds!

    Pyre Ball

    Fire LMB works similarly to Sha Lin's arrow, the longer you hold the button the more damage it deals, up to 1000 damage after 1.2s. It generates ~14% Mana per hit at full charge. Unlike Sha Lin however, charging it longer also increases the size of the projectiles.

    It's mechanics make it excellent at cornerpeeking. Thanks to its size at max charge you can actually shoot people hiding behind corners to a small degree, similarly to Seris orbs.

    Small fireballs are most of the time not worth using due to their ridiculously small size. Even if enemy is low, it's better to just charge it for additional quarter of a second to make sure your fireball connects onto enemy with its increased size.

    It is very important to watch for your Mana Bar while using fire stance. If your Mana Bar is at 86% or higher you can hit someone for 1000 damage, generate Instant Cast with Mana Bar, and shoot once again instantly for another 1000 resulting in 2k burst total. Remember to wait with pressing LMB second time, because if you start holding it before your first Pyre Ball hits, you will start charging one fireball again, and then after you release this fireball you will gain the instacast effect.

    alt text Inferno Cannon

    Fire RMB is a piercing column of fire that deals about 1222 DPS for ~3s. It generates ~15% mana per second. 18s CD.

    While you're using this ability you actually float in the air, allowing you to attack from unexpected angles otherwise unaccessible to you. It combos really well with your F ability, allowing you to deal damage from above.

    Most people I see use it to break shields, but it actually is a terrible idea, because Inferno Cannon does not benefit from Wrecker. You also gain 0 mana from damaging shields, so avoid spending this precious 20s CD ability on something that your LMBs do miles better.

    The use of this ability is probably the most misunderstood out of all in Imani's kit. People think it's used to deal damage to enemies that stand in straight line but that's not even the third most important function of this ability.

    It's main function is to burst unsuspecting, unhealed enemies with ease. The idea is to use this ability until they drop below 1000 damage, then instantly cancel the ability and shoot Clearcast Pyreball to finish them off extremely fast. This is actually one of the fastest ways to kill a squishy in the entire game.

    Next function in priority is to deal with tanks. If tanks dropped their shields or try to 1v1 you, you use this ability to deal absurd amount of damage, and you will gain insta fireball on the way thanks to Inferno's mana generation, too.

    The third most important way to use it this ability is "I can't be flanked button". This ability allows you to have at least fair fight against flankers. Without this ability you literally cannot win with them, your weapon deals 833 DPS on average, so you better keep it when you suspect incoming ambush.

    The last thing in importance this ability is used for is to deal truckload of damage to enemies that stand grouped together.

    This ability has weird interaction with knockbacks, you will start flying backwards from the direction the knockback was received. This is a bad thing, for example, against blasters and their primaries, you will get constantly thrown around, messing up your aim, but it can also be useful, for example, activate right click right before Ash hits you with her F, and you will fly back super fast, allowing you to create a lot of distance between you and her.

    This is also one of few abilities capable of dealing damage to enemies while you're in your spawn, making spawncamping almost worthless against Imani.

    alt text Elemental Shift

    It switches between your Fire and Ice stance. Nothing much to say here, other than that it takes exactly 1s to switch from one stance to another. 6s CD.

    Frostfire Glide

    Imani flies in air for 3s. 12s CD

    Its big gimmick is that it moves slower if you rotate around too much, so floating in straight line gives you most value in distance.

    The biggest tip to give here is that you should rotate into direction you want to fly first before activating this ability, to avoid doing slow circle in air and thus becoming easy target to shoot at.

    Many people seem to try strafing left and right while using this ability, probably to try avoiding damage just like in Evie's Soar. This is actually very suicidal, because your hitbox actually doesn't change much and all you lose is precious speed. The better way to go about it is to strafe up and down instead. Not only it doesn't make you lose your speed at all, changing direction from up to down is instantenuous and thus muuuch harder for enemies to shoot at. Not many people are used to aim someone strafing up and down compared to left and right, too.

    This ability is affected by speed multipliers, that means, it's affected by slows, but also, any speed boost given by your teammates. It doesn't seem to be affected by Nimble, unfortunately.

    Dragon's Call

    Imani's Ultimate Ability summons 6000 health dragon that deals 1,7k DPS for 20s. Imani is vulnerable and stays in her original location until she dies, the duration of the ability ends, dragon is killed or is cancelled by pressing ability again. LMB shoots fire, Spacebar and Q flies upwards, F and RMB flies downwards.

    My suggestion when moving with the dragon is to use F over RMB to fly downwards. When dragon dies, you will instantly perform ability of your holded button, thus it's better to start gliding instead of wasting your 18s CD ability.

    This ultimate is absolutely devastating if used with a brain, but careless use of it will just get your Imani killed. It's the biggest gamesense skillcheck available in the game, honestly.

    It charges very slowly so you need to make sure you don't waste it. The opportunities for this ultimate are:

    • right at start of point fight,
    • after first point fight is lost and your team wants to retake,
    • after you won the point fight and want to make sure you cap it;
    • if you're on payload push/defense and there's more than 1:50 time left (unless you have Morale Boost, then you can ult with less time left).
    • If you're 3-3 on point fight overtime and about to lose the fight.

    Any other time to use this ultimate is a waste 90% of time.

    The best way to use this ultimate, is to find a safe spot in your backline, its duration is very long so you will make impact even if you are very far. This way, you're making enemy flankers search for you for long period of time while you have a 5v4 at the point fight. You'll probably score some kills with it and thus win your point fight, worst case scenario you block enemy from approaching the point while your team gets to a more advantageous position or even caps it.

    While fighting on the point you just can't forget about the flanker, s/he is looking for you 90% of the time, you need to constantly look at your Imani's HP bar while it happens to at least have a chance to fight back.
    Once you help your team enough by scoring a kill or 2 and you feel like he almost found you already, you cancel your Dragon and kill the flanker as well, since you were using your ultimate you have your RMB ability ready, which makes this 1v1 fight in your favor. Even if you lose, your team probably already capped anyway.

    You really need to make a decision after getting 2 or 3 kills with this ultimate: Do you cancel the dragon to come back and start gathering ult charge early, or should you continue to use it to stagger enemies even more? Sometimes you even have the possibility to spawncamp enemies with it.

    If enemy flank is alive, it is probably better to just cancel it to make sure you're not the one to die, because if you do your team will probably have to reset. On the other hand, if you're confident noone is chasing you, it is probably better to just stagger and create space for your team, assuming there's still a lot of time left on your dragon.

    This entire strategy of hiding in backline works until they start getting Bulldozer up. Once they manage to do that, you use your ult as a bait rather than oppressive force on point fight. If they have bulldozer the best thing you can do is to activate your ultimate rather close to point, and wait with your Dragon close to Imani until enemies try to kill her, usually ignoring everything in sight. While they're doing that, simply fry to crisp those idiots.

    Once they realize that you're trying to bait them, they will just stay back and wait for you to come out. Once that happens, you need to locate most vulnerable squishy target in backline, and then try to rushkill him before they can kill your dragon.

    When flying over open sky, try to spasmatically fly upwards/downwards with an unpredictable patternn to make people miss their shoots more often. Dragon might be big, but even biggest targets can be missed when they move so randomly.

    Hiding him behind obstacles, close to the ground, or high in the trees helps a lot, but nothing you can do if they max Bulldozer.

    Hey, at least you forced them to use 1 of the item slots just for your ultimate.

    3. Talents Overview

    I am going to talk about her talents from best to worst. Talents were called "Legendary Cards" previously, so you might find me calling them exactly that couple times in the guide.

    Unlocks at Mastery Level 8

    Effect: After standing still for 1s, create a Mana Rift around you that generates Mana. Leaving the Mana Rift destroys it.

    What I believe is the best Imani's Talent. What it does is, after standing still for 1 second, you create a rift that generates ~20% mana bar per second. You can move around Mana Rift within a ~20u wide area before it breaks.

    Mana is dare I say everything on Imani, it increases her burst potential significantly. 1s of standing is not a long time for such an insane increase in DPS.

    It's absolutely massive for Fire Stance. Suddenly 8 full charged fire LMBs required to gain full Mana Burst become only 3 full charged shots on average, and since you can hold LMB for as long as you want while it generates you Mana, you can always have your 2000 damage burst ready anywhere you freaking want.

    Even tho Ice Stance benefits less from Mana Rift (since it's Instacast is weaker), it is still good. Instead of Instacast, shoot, shoot, Instacast, you can Instacast, shoot, Instacast again, assuming you can hit all shots. And it helps you generate Instacast when you miss, too. It just compliments Imani's setup based playstyle so well.

    Mana Rift doesn't break if you move, in fact, you can go surprisingly far from it and it still won't collapse, allowing you to dance with your sightlines freely.

    It also doubles as a helpful hand in dealing with flankers right after you cancel your Dragon and you're forced into 1v1. The Mana it generated will be enough to deal with that flanker most of the time.

    It has downsides too, however. Mana Rift shines brighter than Imani's own future and makes her an easier target to find while she is ulting. The Mana Rift is actually pretty buggy too. If you manage to press your LMB while Mana Rift is about to give you an Instacast Mana, you will consume it without actually instacasting. But I still find those issues worth the reward.

    tl;dr: If you play Fire stance, use Mana Rift.

    Splitting Ice
    Default Talent

    Effect: Frost Bolt Chains to a nearby enemy within 30 units, dealing 350 damage.

    Now that it is possible to aim with her Ice Bolts, you no longer need to use Mana Rift as a crutch for your damage, making Splitting Ice a solid choice that fits this stance purpose perfectly.

    The biggest issue with this talent is that most competent enemies don't tend to group up that often. Which means against good enemies you will not have any use out of this talent.

    It definitely works, and helps you to kill enemies after you caught them in a fat Frost Bomb. I personally pick this talent when they have a lot of deployable-based compositions, like Ying, Barik, Io, Inara.. In those comps this talent shines, allowing you to both deal damage to people behind corners easier, and to swipe deployables themselves.

    If you don't like Mana Rift and want to play either a pure Ice or a Frost Bomb reset build, you want to pick this talent. I also pick it when I want to play those crazy CD reset builds, mostly because when I am supposed to take care of cooldowns, resets, enemies, and then remember about Mana Rift too, then I say, heck no and pick a more braindead talent to make my life easier. I also take it over Mana Rift when I want to play Imani in a little bit more mobile fashion.

    Unlocks at Mastery Level 2

    alt text
    Effect: Successfully landing two Pyre Balls will cause the next Pyre Ball thrown after the second hit to explode in a 30-unit-radius area.

    It's trash. Use Mana Rift or don't play Fire Stance.

    4. Cards Overview

    The beauty of Imani's cards is that almost all of them are viable, depending on what kind of Imani you want to play: Pure Fire, Pure Ice or Stance Switching Imani. And even in those 3 builds routes you can combine your cards to create builds that focus on Strong RMBs, that make her extra tanky, stance switching builds with Strong RMBs but bad CDs and viceversa.

    I was not entirely sure how I will go about describing Imani cards, but in the end, I figured I will categorize her cards in 4 categories:

    • Cards used on any kind of build;
    • Cards used only when you use Fire Stance;
    • Cards used only when you use Ice Stance;
    • Cards used only when you switch your stances.

    Cards for any build
    Pure Fire, Pure Ice, or Stance Switchers, all welcome!

    Pyretic Momentum

    Effect: FrostFire Glide travels {5|5}% faster.


    Fun fact: This card actually gives half of the speed value. I used to prioritize this card over everything else, but once I learned this fact, I dropped this card immediately.

    Not a throwpick, but is a low priority card that should be used in cases where you
    have points to spend and you don't like any other 1p card.

    Ancient Duty & Elemental Grace

    Ancient Duty: Increase your maximum Health by {50|50}.
    Elemental Grace Gain a {100|100}-health Shield for 3s after dropping to or below 50% Health.

    As with every damage dealer, HP cards are very strong and versatile. People new to the game often ignore those cards, but that's because those people don't realize how greatly they help them by breaking certain kill breakpoints.

    Best example: having your HP card at lvl 1 makes you have 2250 hp. With Haven 1, it takes Strix 3 body shots to kill you instead of 2. If you didn't have your HP card, you would need to get Haven 2 to do that. You will be left with exactly 19 hp, but survive.

    Imani benefits from these cards especially well. 50 HP and Blast Shields 1 save her from Jenos ult, and if you played Imani you would know that Jenoses tend to ult Imani while she uses her dragon if they know where she is. You can literally waste his ult for nothing thanks to that small hp card and a cheap item. She also struggles with Snipers, so 3 bodyshots are more than welcome to her. Even as 1 pointer, HP card is amazing.

    As a general rule, HP card is better than Shield card. Shield card is countered by wrecker, only lasts 3 seconds, has 30 seconds cooldown, doesn't proc if you die from 1 hit and can't be healed, which makes HP card more consistent and valuable.

    What I like to do is to have 150 HP card and 100 shield card if I can afford it. This way I can survive 2 body shots from Strix even without Haven (although I won't survive Jenos ult).

    Ice in her Veins

    Effect: Heal for {50|50} every 1s while using FrostFire Glide.


    This card can be used at any level if you have any points to spend. It can be pretty decent 1 pointer that makes sure you can survive low poke damage while you try to escape. Sounds like nothing, but I remember a lot of times I survived my escape with my life constantly jumping back around 10-30 while gliding thanks to this card.

    I personally don't think maxing it is ever worth it, maybe only if you don't have healer, as you have a lot of better cards to waste points onto.

    Mystic Fire

    Effect: Regenerate {5|5}% Mana every 1s while using FrostFire Glide.


    This card can work as 1-pointer for both stances, although is better used with Fire. Let's say you hit a Fireball onto enemy and the enemy survived, and that hit made made your Mana Bar 99%. In that situation you can glide, moving in a more unpredictable position and get your Mana to full, and then finish that opponent with and Instacast Fireball and win. This is a better alternative than just charging another fireball. Obviously, the higher the level of this card, the lower your Mana Bar can be to do that.

    I personally find this card too gimmicky to my taste, but use it as you please.


    Effect: Increase the duration of FrostFire Glide by {0.5|0.5}s.

    Another decent 1-pointer. This card allows you gain a little tiny bit of verticality, which is useful on some maps. It also helps you get back to your team faster after you ulted, as it allows you to cover additional distance. It can help you escape from enemies better too, although it's more situational than a simple speed boost.

    Cards for Fire builds
    For Pure Fire users or Stance Switchers

    Arcane Flame

    Effect: Increase the Mana generation of Inferno Cannon by {15|15}%.


    Hands down the most important card for Fire Imani. The mana generation on this card is super potent. Remember when I said that you can use your RMB, cancel it when target reaches 1000 HP, and finish it with your LMB? This card let's you do that even if your Mana Bar is not full. Against 2200 hp target, you only need about 25 - 30% of your Mana, with this card at lvl 5 you will get full Mana the moment you drop enemy health to 1000. And if your Mana Rift is active, you can do the same even if you just threw your instacast and had 0 Mana.

    The scaling on this card is very weird because it is about triple of what you would expect it to do. So either it's bugged or has some weird maths that make this card significantly stronger.

    There's no reason to not have this card when running Fire build, and stance switchers should have it very high too. It's that good. Probably the best level for it is lvl 3, this will guarantee you get a clearcast from 0 mana if you land all the ticks of damage. But the higher the merrier.

    Swift Sear

    Effect: Increase your Movement Speed while casting Inferno Cannon by {20|20}%.


    Super strong card that allows you to confirm kills much easier. At lvl 3 you move almost as fast as your normal walk speed. Having in at level 4-5 will also allow you to use it as a weak escape option, since you're moving faster than regular walk. That said, lvl 3 is also a solid choice if running low on points.

    I run it at lvl 3 because it sometimes bugs itself in air and doesn't move faster than lvl 3 anyway.

    Cards for Ice builds
    For Pure Ice users or Stance Switchers

    Arcane Ice

    Effect: Increase the Mana generation of Frost Bomb by {15|15}%.


    This card is not as strong as the fire version, because Ice Stance generates a lot of mana on its own, and unlike fire version this % is unfortunately accurate to its description.

    It can help you confirm that you will have an instacast either as your first shot or the second one while enemies are rooted if you invest 1-2 points into it. But I still think it's very low value. More than that is just not worth it, you will just overgenerate your Mana Bar.

    Keep in mind, this mana generation is based on damage of Frost Bomb, and Frost Bomb's damage depends on the time it flies, which means this card does almost jack nothing if your Frost Bomb is instantly detonated. In other words, it's the worst card in Imani's arsenal.


    Effect: Increase the Projectile Speed of Frost Bomb by {6|6}%.


    This card gives your enemies less time to react to your long-range Frost Bomb, which is why it is really good.

    Since fly speed affects the curve of flight of the Frost Bomb, it also directly affects the effective range of his ability.

    Remember that Frost Bomb's damage depends on time it flies, not the distance it covers. It means that this card can make your Frost Bomb deal less damage, because you detonated it much earlier than you would without this card.

    After the buff you can live without it, which is great news for stance switching builds.

    Cards for Stance-Switchers only


    Effect: Reduce the Cooldown of Elemental Shift by {1|1}s.


    This card definies what kind of Stance Switcher build you run. If you have it high, you probably use some crazy reset builds, if you don't have this card or run it low, you probably sacrificed your RMBs' cooldown to buff their lethality.

    That being said, unless you're going for Elemental Barrier 5 or Bomb Reset build, going more than lvl 3 on this card is totally pointless.


    Effect: Elemental Shift reduces the Cooldown of Frostfire Glide by {0.6|0.6}s.

    It can work as pretty good 1-pointer. You often can use your stance shift twice while your F is on cd, allowing you to reduce its cooldown by 1.2s. Sounds like nothing, but other characters pay 4 points to achieve the same affect. With affinity 5 you can fit multiple swaps in your F's CD, allowing you to reduce it by even ~3s.

    Draconic Will, Cooling Runes & Heat Sink

    Draconic Will: Elemental Shift reduces the Cooldown of Frost Bomb and Inferno Cannon by {0.6|0.6}s.
    Cooling Runes: Dealing damage with Frost Bolt reduces the Cooldown of Inferno Cannon by {0.5|0.5}s.
    Heat Sink: Dealing damage with Pyre Ball reduces the Cooldown of Frost Bomb by {0.8|0.8}s.


    All those cards open what I like to call stance switch reset builds. The CD reductions you can achieve with those are pretty crazy.

    Basically, if your Affinity card is high level, you probably want to use Draconic Will to gain a lot of consistent CD reduction. If your Affinity card is low or none, and only care about RMB from one stance only, it's better to use the one of other two, as they have more CD reduction potential, however, Draconic Will does not necessarilly lag behind behind that much with low Affinity, especially when you favour consistency over potential and the fact that it's only 1 card to affect 2 stances. Heatsink/Cold Runes can also be used when using Draconinc Will to create crazy CD resets bulids.

    Elemental Barrier

    Effect: Heal for {50|50} after using Elemental Shift.


    You can use it in conjuction with Affinity 5 to create self-sustaining build. It works decently if you don't have a healer at all. I specifically have 1 build in case nobody picks a support so that I can do my job properly.

    This card is not that strong anymore after it was cut in half, and arguably the second weakest on Imani's arsenal. But as I said, it does have 1 scenario where it can be used.

  • That would be all of the cards.

    Here are my build suggestion for each playstyle:

    Pure Fire:

    • Talent: Mana Rift
    • Swift Sear 3
    • Ice In Her Veins1
    • Ancient Duty 5
    • Elemental Grace 3
    • Arcane Flame 3

    Pure Ice:

    • Talent: Splitting Ice
    • Ancient Duty 5
    • Pyretic Momentum 3
    • Pilgrimage 1
    • Elemental Grace 5
    • Ice In Her Veins 1

    Stance Switcher 1

    • Talent: Mana Rift/Splitting Ice
    • Arcane Flame 4
    • Heatsink 1
    • Swift Sear 4
    • Draconic Will 5
    • Cooling runes 1

    Self-sustain No-healer Build

    • Talent: Mana Rift/Splitting Ice
    • Elemental Barrier 5
    • Affinity 5
    • Pilgrimage 1
    • Discipline 1
    • Ice In Her Veins 3

    Frost Bomb Reset Build

    • Talent: Splitting Ice
    • Draconic Will 5
    • Affinity 5
    • Heat sink 3
    • Pilgrimage 1
    • Permafrost 1

    Inferno Cannon Reset Build

    • Talent: Mana Rift
    • Draconic Will 5
    • Affinity 3
    • Arcane Flame 3
    • Swift Sear 1
    • Cooling Runes 3

    In case you only care about viability, here are my build tiers (from best to worst):

    1. Pure Fire
    2. Pure Ice
    3. Stance Switch
    4. Frost Bomb Reset
    5. Self - Sustain (if you have healer, might be higher without healer)
    6. Inferno Cannon Reset

    5. Itemization

    alt textalt textalt text
    As with every Damage, your Go-to items are:

    • Cauterize, if they have healer;
    • Wrecker, if they have very strong shields, which is currently, only Torvald;
    • Bulldozer, against Io, Imani and Barik with turret health + healing cards, if you really need it.

    Other items are situational, depend on your needs and how many free slots you have.

    Note for bulldozer, you gain additional mana out of the bonus dmg to deployables. As a result, with it maxed, Ice Stance can consistently gain full Instacast after instacast. So against Imani dragon, it is probably better to switch to Ice stance even if running Fire build just for that fact alone.

    alt textalt textalt text

    Blue items are simple. You need to think about what kills you the most, and buy accordingly. I already discussed how having Blast Shields and Haven helps you against certain heroes. If you struggle against those, this tiny bit of damage reduction can save you from otherwise lethal damage. Resilience and Illuminate are self-explanatory: they counter CC and Invisibility.

    Rejuvenate is great pick once enemy team gets to caut and your healer is more than willing to heal you. With a competent healer, this item WILL save you many times. It does assume you trust your healer, though, and most of them just aren't worth trusting at all.

    alt textalt textalt text

    Now that Elemental Barrier was nerfed, Life Rip and Kill2Heal will give you some required selfsustain if you're missing healer, or your healer doesn't heal you. They are also decent options if you're having free slots and don't know what to buy.

    Veteran is garabage tho.

    alt text

    Nimble helps with your repositining, but most importantly, is multiplicative with Inferno Cannon's Movement speed, making it a more lethal ability overall. If you have some slots to spare, and run fire build, it is a very solid option.

    alt text

    If enemy team still didn't decide to buy Bulldozer to counter you even after 2-3 rounds, you can buy Morale Boost to remind them why they should.

    But otherwise? If you use the ult in situations I described in ability overview and never waste it else where, you always have it when you need it without morale boost. If you use your ult as soon as you get it, then yeah, it's more than worth it, but in my eyes spamming your ult gets you nowhere.

    alt text

    Chronos works really well with stance switching Imani since her abilities are 20s CD and Draconic Will doesn't affect their base CDs. However, this item can either become great or useless depending on your Affinity lvl. If your Affinity card lvl is not lvl 5, then it's useless to go for chronos 3 because even if you reduce your CDs of your RMB with Draconic Will, you will still need to wait till you can switch your stance.

    It also works really well if you stick to one stance BUT your loadout is made specifically to make your RMB amazing.

    alt text

    Master Riding is amazing item right no. With its reduced price, it's a great filler item if you don't have anything else to buy.

    alt text

    You can't even pick it. Thank god.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them right below.

  • PC

    okay so I'm gonna review it while reading it

    the pros and cons are decent
    however, one doesn't need to get resilience against imani (not anymore at least) and most people will buy haven regardless ^^'
    she's projectile so yeah you don't need to flick and stuff, it's pretty forgiving if you miss some
    I'd say she's versatile, and a bit underestimated
    oh and she has that nice shield card only her and dredge have giving shield when low health, really good card
    I disagree on the weak mobility, she doesn't have an escape xDDD you are right, it's more like vik than anything else
    imani will lose 1v1 against most champs tbh
    she's not that bugged ^^' have you played evie or andro lately? cough reversal cough

    I'm glad someone is actually giving nice advices on imani abilities, I can't stand all these people using canon on shields or while someone is being healed
    the dragon has 2 main uses, first is to actually go kill people putting tons of pressure, but it only works early game, the second is to bait someone and kill him then cancel dragon, a flank will usually try to rush the imani, so if youknow they will, you use dragon like you gonna push, then you go back and kill that flank shooting at you ^^'
    once enemies have dozer, it's best use is to make space, people will shoot dragon, your team can pressure at this time, dragon is also a good zoning tool late game

    mana rift is clearly the best, people often used splitting and play ice only, but fire is pretty good, as said, imani is versatile, using only ice or only fire is bad, both are good depending the situation, the rift gives insane burst in fire, and good burst in ice after a bomb

    her best card surely are the shield and canon speed, affinity is godlike, I only use decks to play both stance, if playing mana rift the mana regen cards are kinda useless, and you should put some points either in health or cd instead, elemental barrier seems decent maybe I should use it

    you should maybe say that ice is better to destroy shields with wrecker, and dealing sustained damage on tanks while fire is way better on squishies and snipers

    anyway great guide, not much to say, adding it to the list

  • @TangAce said in Imani Guide:

    she's not that bugged ^^' have you played evie or andro lately? cough reversal cough

    Let me copy my reddit post....

    In bold text are written bugs that are more important to fix since they break character and can make you lose games unfairly, (in brackets) are posted Talents in case those bugs are talent-specific.


    • Imani's Pyretic Momentum (increasing Frostfire Glide speed card) literally does not work. There's no difference between lvl 0, lvl 1 nor lvl 5 of this card.
    • (Mana Rift) Sometimes when you exit your Ultimate you will have shown that your Mana Bar is full, in its decaying state. This is only a visual glitch however, and will instantly go back to 0 after pressing LMB or after it decays to about half. The amount of times I pressed fire LMB thinking it will instacast is rather huge and loses my 1v1s super easily.
    • (Mana Rift) This talent does not have icon while pressing TAB. Sounds like nothing, but the amount of times people called me bot, threatened to report, or called me noob for not picking a talent is almost on a game-to-game basis. In fact, I do believe I obtained a lot of reports because of that fact alone. This MUST be fixed, it is there since Imani's release and does not necessarily help with her community perception...
    • (Mana Rift) When you press LMB of any stance at the same moment Mana Rift generates you full Mana, the Mana will be consumed and you gain no insta-cast benefits. I had trouble reproducing it in shooting range, but I can in my normal games, which means it's latency-related.
      • In case of Ice Stance, you simply shot once instead of twice and consume all Mana.
      • In case of Fire Stance, you will either:
        • start charging normal shoot that deals normal damage and your mana is gone,
        • start charging a shoot that does 1000 damage no matter at what point you release the button,
        • start charging a 1000 damage shot that when it misses, Imani is unable to use her Primary Fire until the visuals of Mana Bar decay fully, or after gaining mana through her RMB, Mana Rift or cards.
    • Imani has her hands and gauntlets missing on DEFEAT/VICTORY screen. (I am using golden Imani, it's possible it bugs only on this specific skin)
    • Frostfire Glide has tendecy to get stuck in small corridors and doorways, such as those on Bazaar, Brightmarsh, etc.
    • Imani can sometimes be unaffected by her own Haven/Blast Shields. It is a veeery rare occurence and something tells me it is related to her ult.
    • Sometimes when dragon expires naturally or dies to an enemy, the camera will not follow Imani until Imani stands in place, uses Frostfire Glide, changes to 3rd Person Camera or after some random time.

    Ice Stance

    • The first shoot of Instacast LMB does not generate Mana if you are close enough to your target.
    • Sometimes you can shoot while starting your Frost Bomb casting or while detonating the ability. It mostly happens when you press LMB and RMB at the same time.
    • Not really a bug, but due to one patch where Ice LMBs were stealthnerfed in size, you can actually miss your targets at point blank despite having them on your reticle.
    • You can press Q and RMB at the almost same time (RMB needs to be pressed first) to throw a Frost Bomb while switching to your Fire Stance. As epic as it is to Inferno Cannon enemies rooted by Frost Bomb I understand that's unintended. Or is it?
    • (Splitting Ice) Additional bounce does not apply the slow effect (I am not sure if this is intended, I remember on Imani's Patch Preview someone mentioning that it should work like this)
    • (Splitting Ice) Additional bounce does not apply the Cooling Runes card: [Dealing damage with Frost Bolt reduces the CD of Inferno Cannon] (not sure if this is intended, although I think it probably is).

    Fire Stance

    • Fire LMB sometimes has air inaccuracy while Imani is on the ground. My solution to this: remove air inaccuracy from Fire Stance. It doesn't make sense with 2 abilities that make you fly anyway.
    • Fire RMB will sometimes (as in, almost 50% of the times) go into a Ooga-booga animation and not fire at all, requiring you to press RMB again to activate it. If you hold RMB while it happens, Imani will fire the Infernal Cannon with no animation whatsoever after the Ooga-Booga animation ends. Had problems recreating it in Shooting Range, so it's probably latency-related. One of the most important bugs to fix, it happens very often and loses your games super hard. Edit: It happens when you shoot Instacast Fireball, then charge another fireball, and Infernocannon right after. Thanks u/ArtMade.
    • Inferno Cannon's visuals stop and explode when hitting friendly barriers as though they were hitting actual wall. While it sounds like nothing, it is actually pretty significant since you can't really see anything in front of you if you stand to the shield close enough with all that flames bursting in front of you.
    • (Mana Rift) If you hit enemy with Pyre Ball while Mana Rift generates full mana, it will sometimes deal 1000 damage no matter how long you charged it and consume your Mana Bar. Is probably latency related. Sometimes it even doesn't consume Mana Bar, allowing you to do things like deal 3x1000 Fireballs in a row.
    • Last ~0.5s of fire RMB literally does not shoot anything. You can cancel it for faster delay at no damage loss whatsoever.
    • If you activate RMB after Frostfire Glide or a jump, it sometimes flies rather slowly (~60% of your normal speed) even if you have Swift Searing card at level 5.
    • If you get stunned at perfect moment while insta-casting your fire LMB, you will deal 1000 damage but not consume full Mana, allowing you to instacast again.
    • Sometimes if you hold RMB while your Dragon dies or expires, the first 3-5 ticks of Inferno Cannon will shoot through dragon's camera perspective and can damage or even kill enemies.

    Yes, yes she is. She is the Terminus of Damage class...

  • PC

    her bugs ain't gamebreaking
    when you evie and you tp back and it tps you, or not xDDDD

  • @TangAce I don't think you read those bugs if you said they aren't gamebreaking. Being unable to cast her Inferno Cannon, or being disabled from using Primary Fire until you gain mana is gamebreaking, lol.

  • PC

    unable to shoot happens once in a blue moon
    canon ik it happens kinda often, but you won't always die because of it

    with andro or evie, every time you get a bug you die
    andro not being able to ult for exemple, bullets going trough reversal and shits like this

  • This is heavy... But I'll use it as a starting point should I unlock Imani, thanks! Upvoted

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