Harlequin here!

  • Returning player checking in, after a hiatus longer than the belt my parents use to beat me. If the name Harlequin rings a bell to you, you probably played this game for way too long and should seek other options. Just joking; you guys are the best. I returned not just because I missed playing Paladins, but also because I missed the community. Much love.

    I'm digging the swanky new update to the forums! I'm also happy that my old posts got semi-quarantined in the old forums because reading my old stuff makes me want to shove a butter knife through my arteries. As for the game itself, I really like Atlas and Raum. I dropped some cash on skins because I love bad life decisions, and is overall having a lot of fun.

    All in all, how is everyone doing? It's simply lovely to see all the old faces. I'll just be doing what I always do; making champion concepts, being salty, and complaining about Vivian. (Fuck you, Vivian.)

  • Look at you all full of hope and shet, don't worry, if there's one thing this community is good at, it's scrubbing every last drop of hope out of players lol

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