December Happy Thread

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    I put seris around the same tier than him in my tierlist for the following reason:

    • Her strength is her Shadow travel not her burst heals, in fact ying in season 2 can do the same job of burst heals and even better.

    Off tank role got gutted, that means that the champions that did duo with damage dealers on the sidelane aren't that strong and can't be that aggressive. It's clearly flank's time to shine and guess who has the best escape in the game? Seris!
    You can argue that furia can deal with them 1 vs 1 or ying has a good escape but neither of them are that reliable. That escape can even be used offensively with surprise flanks with your ult.

    With decent heals and the best escape she is clearly higher than in s2 where that escape wasn't that necessary.

    I probably haven't played her in months but she was one of my mains in original beta when flanks were stronger and seris around gold-plat elo (my elo at that moment) was good so Im delighted to see her back.

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    @TTraw said in December Happy Thread:

    @Dusklicious I just don't find putting her above Io fair.

    I would put her next to Grohk healer and I am not even joking.

    It's perfectly fair, Io sucks in 3.1. Like she has a niche as a point support because of the Bulldozer nerf, but healing with her is a complete f***ing joke now. Like it's not much better than Grohk's, and Grohk's is nowhere near as good as Seris' as you claim here. Speaking of which...

    That sounds like a joke to me. Grohk healer literally doesn't work, Seris is definitely far better than that. You're not going to mention how they halved the cooldown of her heal, nerfed Resilience which is a buff to her Ultimate and Agony, and not going to mention that her self-healing remained the same while they nerfed Cauterize? You're way overselling it. She's certainly not looking good, but as bad as Grohk? That's just downright ridiculous.

    As for DD Grohk, it's the only reason why he pretty much isn't a permanent D tier. That's at least got niche viability. Healing with him on the other hand is pretty much pointless. So pointless in fact that I'd say Healer Grohk should be more in E or F if that existed. Also, Healer Skye looks to outclass him in every possible way coming into 3.1.

  • @Dusklicious But dusk... healer grohk can give CC immunity - TangAce

    Truth be told healers have always been the most balanced (the one with the least amount of championsn that need buffs or nerfs, and the one with the most viability percentage per champion) class in Paladins, and now we might just see them change from flatly good to super good

    I stand by my decision of a double support meta, a main support, like Seris, or Ying and a fighter support in the mould of Furia (agressive) or Pip

    Let us see how it pans out

  • @Dusklicious said in December Happy Thread:

    You're not going to mention how they halved the cooldown of her heal,

    I didn't mention it because she could get even smaller cooldown with cards. And as I said, since they nerfed veil and dark whisper, those additional points you can spare don't matter because you end having the same speed and cast time anyway.

    nerfed Resilience which is a buff to her Ultimate and Agony,

    Agony's issue is its requirements, not the reward. The stun could last 3 seconds for all I care and it still would be useless half of the time, so that Resilience buff doesn't affect her as much as Damba or Furia. As for ult, this doesn't matter if people don't get pulled in the first place. There was a "bugfix" that made it so that sometimes ult will stun enemy but not pull them to center if there's a small object inbetween them, especially noticable when pulling someone from highground. So yeah... nice buff.

    and not going to mention that her self-healing remained the same while they nerfed Cauterize?

    Oh yeah, you know what top tier healers must do? Selfheal more than needed. Said noone ever.

    If self-sustain is the only good thing about Seris next patch, then I don't see her being any good support.

    At first I thought she'll be super OP because my playstyle got buffed as I didn't use Veil nor Dark Whisper and she still healed so much I could pick Soul Collector and be superfast 3k health support. But after they actually introduced the nerf (because they forgot to do so in the first PTS cycle) I realized that I can't even go Soul Collector/Agony because of how weak the base heal actually is. So she ends up being a healbot that was overnerfed. Like, Ying's another healbot but all they did to Ying is they nerfed LE by 100 and her clones by 80 every 1.6s lol, compared to seris who lost 800 healing and 0.5s CD per heal cast. It's actually beyond me.

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    This username and title combo is f***ing hilarious (not shaming anyone so it should be OK).


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    @Dusklicious Yeah 🤣

    Edit: Mods please don’t delete this post it’s not shaming

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    "If you're in Gold that's entirely your fault"

    Put this in the Happy Thread because of how hilariously wrong that is. Try playing with 4 feeders on your team, see how it goes. OH YOU LOST? OH REALLY? SO THAT'S ON YOU THEN that ALL OF YOUR TEAMMATES WERE ACTING LIKE COMPLETE MORONS! 🤣

    Trust me when I say, you can carry your @$$ off and STILL lose games as low as Gold. I know, because it's happened to me countless times... Now if you'rein Bronze or something, that may have some validity (because your average Bronze player is as bad as some bots). But Gold? They may be stupid, but at least they have a brain. 1v5ing in that situation is honestly hard for anyone that isn't almost pro player good. Still it's totally and utterly hilarious that somebody could say that. It makes it blatantly obvious they've never been in the situation I find myself in ranked-wise.

  • Most fun things ever in Paladins.

    Playing Evie and chasing down another Evie in Serpent Beach at Casuals.

    This is so damn fun and we forgot about our other four teammates, we literally just chased and killed each other and tried to fight each other regardless of point. XD...

    Also, after knowing and learning how to Evie properly... Got my winrate using flanks to 64%... XD

    Maeve winrate still at 100% (26 games) Buck Winrate at 100% (6 games) Talus winrate 75% (12 games) Zhin only slightly above 50, but I don't care!!!

    Funny that my "worst role" has highest winrate...

    At this rate my worst role is support. (44% winrate since if I'm forced to support, my team sucks)

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