December Rage Thread

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    This post is deleted!

  • My last ranked match, I can't do anythink. Fed up...

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    Apparently the forum doesn't like my Hi-Rez account anymore. WTF?

    Not Paladins issue.
    I was playing Paladins Saturday and my sound decided to stop working. I exit the game. Windows sounds and playing local videos worked while playing youtube and games didn't. Wasted an hour trying to get it to work. Tried rebooting, resetting sound settings, reinstalled the sound drivers. No change. I removed the motherboard's drivers and left it with the generic windows drivers. Works perfectly again.

    Sunday, my son's system with the same motherboard the mic won't work but was still working otherwise. Could not make it work except by removing the motherboard's sound drivers.

    Neither system was updated at all on the day of the trouble.
    MB is MSI B450 Gaming Plus. Odd stuff.

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    @KicsitCsicska said in December Rage Thread:

    My last ranked match, I can't do anythink. Fed up...

    That jenos... top damage - can't say I've ever seen that.

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    @DaddyOoker me neither... I've never seen a jenos dmg who also feeds 21 kills dying 1 time per minute lmao

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    @KicsitCsicska said in December Rage Thread:

    My last ranked match, I can't do anythink. Fed up...

    Trash DPSes and Bot Koa? That's GG.

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    When you're in the middle of a match in PTS when they start server maintenance...

  • @Dusklicious Try console. Nobody touches Cassie there, literally, not even in casuals.

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    My Gourd Damba last match: "My teammates are garbage"

    Doesn't even outheal the other team's support, yet everyone else on our team did significantly better

    Also: "getting owned by a solo tank Inara"

    A. Inara, on live, IS THE BEST SOLO IN THE GAME.

    By the way, me in the same match: Top damage with Tiberius and I'm not even really good at him

    Also, playing Raum into a 4v5 with a throwing damage as one of the four into an Atlas and a Skye feels GREAT. 😒

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    So I just played Pip with a toxic and actually useless Tiberius (calling me trash when he's literally AVOIDING my healing), an AFK Lex, a completely useless Sha'Lin, and the worst Inara I've ever seen in the same PTS match. Try to play Pip with that with three DPSes up your @$$ the entire game. Of course you're not going to do well. 😒

    And we lost 0-4 to a RESONANCE YING. THAT I HAD THE GAME BEFORE, THAT MADE NO ATTEMPT TO HEAL ANYONE. And by the way I was outhealed also by this f*** because my teammates were either intentionally avoiding my healing (Tib LITERALLY ULTED and went UP right after I threw a f***ing pot and HE SAW ME THROW IT) or killing themselves. "Trash Pip" Oh really? I beg to say it's you and literally everyone else on this dumb team that's trash, toxic Tib.

    Oh and then I got the Seris that only heals people that are already at full health. 😒 All the while I was pretty much forced to duel a Koga as Tib, which is pretty much impossible (considering Koga pretty much has every tool he could possibly need to counter Tiberius). And while that was happening, Zhin and Khan were naturally completely ignoring it. Which caused us to lose somehow to the aforementioned worst Inara I've ever seen. Only because they allowed Koga to kill me. Every time.

    I'll just say this: PTS has been f***ed for me today. Trolls and feeders have been on my team every game. It's like there's people that aren't there to test at all. They're there to waste everyone else's time, and to ruin everyone else's PTS experience... I've had at least 5 more games as frustrating as the two I mentioned in this post. 😠

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    I've only noticed this with Lian on the PTS - she shrinks after getting the gun. Does the same in champ select screen. WTF



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    I see they are trying to kill these forums too. I still can't login using my Hi-Rez credentials. Still just sits there when clicking the login button. No error nothing.. Been this way for over a week.

    They really screwed over Tyra on the PTS. WTF... Nerfed DPS by 12% and literally got nothing in return for it. The 18% damage falloff reduction is a joke. Tyra will be pretty much dead if this stays.

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    @DaddyOoker said in December Rage Thread:

    They really screwed over Tyra on the PTS. WTF... Nerfed DPS by 12% and literally got nothing in return for it. The 18% damage falloff reduction is a joke. Tyra will be pretty much dead if this stays.

    She's pretty much worse than Vivian in every possible way now... And even then, Vivian's not really exceptional either. Tyra's pretty much a B or C tier character in current PTS. Also, the caut nerf hardly helps that, if at all...

  • @DaddyOoker
    Yeah... the extra ammo is somewhat welcome... but... not if it takes longer to kill a target...
    Slaying the caut effect of firebomb is a support buff that allows area healing to counteract the firebomb.
    Tyra is wierd to balence... and this is a nerf to a solid performing champion without giving it anything needed to make it work more then a supportive damage or a nade machine. All she needs is the general self sustain healing to brawl, especially now healing through late game caut is a thing. Tyra is pinned down by sniper fire unless nades, sustain can at least ammend that
    The only buff is the viability of healing out of slaying your hunted target... and tbh... combined with elim healing... near 2k healing out of caut, 500ish with max caut... that is a lot of self sustain countered by caut by exposing yourself for the frag. But with a shield pocket and playing out of the firefight... its obtainable... just jank.
    They need to give her own weak self sustain dynamics, targets standing in her fire stop her out of combat healing, which I understand why... but if you use these things for zoning and escape, its flawed.

    They could have just dropped her HP to 2200 and given her some card buffs or some better sustain cards.

    Like passive 35/170 Sustain Healing Per second while an enemy target is revealed to you with mark.
    Or regenerate HP 60/300 HP per sec for 3s for each champion target hit by molotov impact instead of ammo regen on molotov.

    She really needs CC Immunity on ult though, especially if Makoa exists... less of the tyra ults tyra dies meme.

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    I have gotten more bad healers in the past week playing PTS than I have in the past TWO MONTHS of playing live. Healers actually making NO attempt to heal. I'm not even kidding. Last match I had a Furia that healed me (the SOLO tank, of course) maybe 10 times in an entire 17 minute match. Cooldowns are NO excuse here. Her right click has a 3 SECOND cooldown. I'm pretty sure I gave the Furia PLENTY of opportunities to heal me. Heck I remember SEVERAL times I actually DIED WAITING or healing, for what must have been a good 10 or 15 seconds at least. (Much longer than her heal's cooldown, surely). I'm starting to change my mind. Maybe healers don't actually always try. I have enough proof to say some don't. This was while the rest of my team must have thought they were playing TDM. Nope, it's a SIEGE MATCH. Last I checked, SERPENT BEACH IS NOT A TDM MAP IDIOTS.

    And also I've gotten the same inting troll countless times now on my team in PTS, after reporting them SEVERAL times. This f***er would deserve the name and shame, but I certainly hope something is actually done about them. I've reported them at least SIX OR SEVEN times now, and I STILL GET THEM ON MY TEAM. EVERY. OTHER. GAME.

    Toxicity and trolling are the two biggest issues I have with the game right now, not the balancing issues, not the matchmaking... Some of the people who play this f***ing game and actually go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make everyone else have a miserable time in their matches. I'm f***ing SICK and TIRED of it. I can only report so many toxic sociopathic trolls. It sometimes feels like EM doesn't even take this issue seriously. And neither does the community! It's always balancing, matchmaking, VGS... I hear so FEW complaints about this and I'm genuinely taken aback by that, because this is an issue that if it gets too much worse, may just totally ruin the game for me.

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    Odd, even with the like zero match making my limited PTS experience has been pretty good so far. No one has been toxic either - even when I tried out some suicide maneuvers with Tiberius 🙂 Good for them since I record sometimes.

    Speaking of toxicity, what happens to reports made on the PTS? Goes to the bit bucket?

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    I don't know how they managed it, but they actually f***ed up the PTS even more after nerfing caut to what it should have been the entire time. Not because of that, but because literally every other change was either negligible or unnecessary. Instead of actually fixing things, it ends up actually creating MORE PROBLEMS.

    Also, the Trump impeachment $#!+show. Some of the few in politics I used to respect have caved to the Establishment apparently. I agree, he should be impeached, but the inquiry was made for all the wrong reasons, and that's all that matters here. Glad that at least one person in the entire country saw it like that.

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    Fix the friggin forum already. Hi-Rez login STILL doesn't work. 😱

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    So I just had somebody last pick Imani in RANKED draft when we had only 1 tank, and it was me, PLAYING ATLAS (and managed to only do 23k damage, when I as a SOLO TANK ATLAS, and I still did 21k), who somehow was able to say everyone ELSE is a noob.

    Seriously? You f***ing threw. Don't call us noobs. I'm trying my f***ing hardest to play SOLO TANK ATLAS and TRY to make it work because of your dumb @$$. OF COURSE WE'RE GOING TO LOSE. ESPECIALLY WITH A FIRST PICK STRIX THAT DID ONLY 10K DAMAGE AND YOU PICKING IMANI WHEN WE NEEDED A F***ING TANK.

    Seriously, how many more people do I need to report before I can have an actually decent ranked match? I already report probably at least 1 person per ranked match now, because of all this throwing and toxic nonsense.

    I get games like this in ranked literally every other match. It's why I'm stuck in Gold in this split. I even had this problem last split, but it didn't become an issue until I was already in Plat 4. It's like ranked is pure RNG based on whether you do or don't get moronic, useless, $#!+ teammates.

  • The game log me out during a match in every 3rd case on PTS and I still don't find the short cut of my most important voice command: Quite

    I had great stat against a GM Evie, the match was 3-3 I was realy excited, but everybody stoped in the base, my party mamber said she is already in the battle, and it logged me out 5-6s later -.-

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