December Rage Thread

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    @Dusklicious This is the primary reason I've been clowning around a lot on training matches - maybe too much. No one says anything about champs, talents or whatever. Most of the time I have to carry. Helps with survival cause 99% of the time the support doesn't heal worth anything. Had a MR Seris that did LEGIT ZERO healing. I could hear on the mic "how do I do this?"... pretty funny. Their account level was 21 - high enough to enter ranked - scary...

    Edit: So after writing that about that Seris, I decided to look up their account... 34% win rate and playing ranked too. OMFG.


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    @DaddyOoker said in December Rage Thread:

    Edit: So after writing that about that Seris, I decided to look up their account... 34% win rate and playing ranked too. OMFG.

    I thought you are scary but this 👀

  • @DaddyOoker I reached diamond again (all the time when I try) but there is only one thing annoying my: toxic teammates.

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    Guru match history never seems to work any more... 😑

    Guru for me right now.png

    Rest of the site works perfectly fine, but there's something wrong with the match history pages... 🤔

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    @KicsitCsicska said in December Rage Thread:

    @DaddyOoker I reached diamond again (all the time when I try) but there is only one thing annoying my: toxic teammates.

    Uhh, OK.. I have a new item suggestion...

    Toxic Transfer: Transfer your teammates toxicity to the other team. 10% per level.


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    @Dusklicious Yeah, it's been doing that. It does work - you just have to try it again after the error and then it's fine until next time.

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    I am officially ALWAYS going to makes sure Cassie is banned EVERY RANKED GAME, and my ban list is now going to reflect that. Seriously, she's broken, braindead, with stupid burst, good mobility, good range... F***, she's almost on level with MAKOA with just how broken she is right now.

    Let me ask you again, Adanas, HOW is going 17/2/6 every other match she's played in make Cassie remotely balanced?

  • Dusk, we dont mention the names of the devs here


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    @Demigod said in December Rage Thread:

    Dusk, we dont mention the names of the devs here


    Well, he did say that, and there's just so much evidence proving that was a load of nonsense. It's not like the devs shouldn't be made aware of their mistakes. Calling him out is really only reasonable when he pushes forward utter BS like that.

    He and the rest of EM need to know somehow that the community absolutely will not tolerate inaction on a broken character because apparently she somehow has a balanced winrate by their data (which, back when better meta was a thing, could easily be disproven anyways).

  • "Tanks shouldn't buy Cauterize. Leave the red items for the damage dealers and flanks"

    SEA Servers, and this crap

  • @DaddyOoker Almost funy

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    When you have to play against f***ing JayFlare, but your teammates have no idea how to follow up, and have zero awareness. Should have pinged VBE a half a million times. Maybe people would have gotten that I was getting flanked pretty much the entire game. It doesn't help he has a f***ing insane Raum.

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    What's the matter with it - not enough? I think at 50% transfer the enemy will be just as screwed as your own team so maybe 17% per level is the balanced value.

  • @DaddyOoker Less and less funy.
    But I can continue:
    How can you write 'balanced' if you didn't add base cost? Nonsense.
    In which category is it? Attacker? Utility?
    There is a rule: there are equal amount of items in all of the categories. Which item you want to remove or what are the other 3 items for the remaining categories?
    And the most important question: how could you solve the toxicity trasfer or even detection?

    It's disgustion to make jokes about things that others worked a lot to create serious suggestions. You just share idiotness here.

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    @KicsitCsicska You know it's a joke. This is the shit, no actual topic, rage thread. If I had added it to your serious topic then you might have an actual valid point. For you to be offended is beyond expectation. 😲

    Utility. 400 credits base cost. Where is that equal item per cat rule? Show me the source of that. They can add scrolling if it was actually needed.

    Detection: Voice recognition. They already have a limited form in the text chat that can be improved.

    Implementation: Lot's of ways to cause the enemy to eat itself. Mess with their ping, increase weapon inaccuracy. DC a key player... They wouldn't even know it was the item that caused it since the game already does these things now.

    Remember this is a joke so....

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    So I just played a KotH game where my team lost by 150 points because everyone but me fed. Top damage, more kills than the rest of my team combined, with just as many deaths as everyone else by the way, and highest credit count in the entire match.


    Viktor was 3/14/7, Lian did a whopping 44k, Khan was trash (I mean aside from securing a couple of kills for me with his grab), and although our healer tried, they got nowhere with these morons. All the while, even with getting BSed by their Jenos and Drogoz both killing me in totally nonsense ways (hit by beams that I was nowhere near, somehow one shot by rockets, getting Drogoz ulted TWICE), I still get 17 kills, 64k damage, and pretty much best everything aside from objective time (And this is playing my Talus, which is not great).

    EDIT: I was actually UNDER-EXAGGERATING!

  • Dear every Paladins player in 2019

    It is stupid isn't it. A VHS is really old. None of you use it anymore right? I doubt that anyone my age would even recognize it's shape anymore. A VHS is old, and we don't use a VHS to watch videos anyway... So...


    Seriously, the VHS trinket is outdated, why bother using it in VGS

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    If you say in chat during draft that you'll heal or tank or whatever (and insist on it), PLEASE FILL THAT ROLE, NO MATTER IF WHAT YOU INTENDED TO PICK IS PICKED BY THE OTHER TEAM. I had a troll last game reserve healing for themselves (while somebody else wanted to take it), to instead play VIVIAN. Predictable results. Did no damage, had an absurd number of deaths, NO HEALING, and we got 0-4'ed. BECAUSE WE DIDN'T HAVE ANY HEALING.

    All the while I had to play the safest Viktor known to man and essentially hug base, to actually get decent damage. Or 15k more than the Viv and the (mostly AFK) Lian combined, in an 8 minute game.

  • im suprise theres many evie hater in game, im training evie in casual after 2 years never using her, if im not doing well sometimes my opponet toxic to me even theres people pm me just to insult me and brag how good they're to defeat me, i mean they 3 -4 stack party and im solo player who getting par with random people sometimes i get newbie team of course i cannot carry every match

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    That's the worst match I've played until now, Idiot khan spams need healing (the whole game 3 or 4 walls between me and him), AFK dredge, Willo says to his/her team after match, "noob support 1 - 7 lol", that's disgusting

    And a noob team or a pro enemies or even both (trust me not my problem)

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