December Rage Thread

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    I don't understand how your Dredge got any credits dealing ZERO damage.

    Meanwhile an Evie in my match which appears to have disconnected at some point gets only 887 - I know she was there cause she typed in the chat.
    Is the IO ult still causing people to crash?

    Another thing in the same match. Enemy Grohk trashes his team after the loss. He went Maelstrom as sole support. He may have been the best damage on his team but his team had basically zero healing. Report Grohk for stupidity - that should be a thing. He has no right to complain about his team when pulling that shit.


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    I knew it, they used my idea for tiberius sword ^^' I don't like much how they are saying they wanted to do this since a long time -.- my concept is one year old I think...they could at least mention people they are taking ideas from
    edit : almost his whole kit is taken from cynthia, even his talent lol

  • What really grinds my gears is the way raum is played why can’t we have any skilled tanks like Makoa. Why tf does this man do a 750 charge AND HEAL FROM IT???? Like really there was nothing in the character skills that said raum gains the same damage he did to the enemy as health.

    Raum is also doing too much damage for his mini gun you should put that down to 30 and reduce his armor gain by at least 10% holy I’m about to break something... Many say there are tons of counters but I only see like 4 major counters and their all ults from drogoz, pip, Furia, and Moji.

    Like you don’t understand also that cauterize is getting nerfed aswell so that does not help along with shields so he can just mow everything down. I just wish ignition made his gun shoot faster for 3 secs instead of no ammo consumed for 3 secs. And finally his clip size should get reduced down to 300.

    Finally got that off my chest. Sorry but I just couldn’t hold it in any longer with these dumb mechanics and even more dumb hitboxes 😕

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    Let's see..

    Khan stun and ult
    Mal'Damba stun and ult
    Furia stun
    IO via Luna's stun
    Bomb King stun
    Atlas setback and ult.
    Pip ult
    Drogoz ult
    Tyra cripple
    Inara cripple talent and ult
    Moji ult
    Jenos grip
    Makoa hook
    Terminus stun
    Torvald nullify and ult
    Imani stun
    Grover cripple
    Evie ult
    Champions that deal damage based on % of health hurt him badly.

    I'm sure there are more.

    Yeah, the mini gun can deal significant damage over a match but it's not burst in nature and inaccurate at distance - unlike Atlas.

    Just my 2c. Ignore him (as much as practical) until your team kills the backline then team focus kill.

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    I love how voice packs are free, how to screw over people owning founder's pack a bit more
    I'm gonna stop wondering why hirez can't prevent their games from dying, if they had the game management of other companies they would have the best games ever...

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    oof to these patch notes. Undecided about most changes, but I'm very annoyed by the resilience change. I love OP resilience, makes CC actually bearable.

    Sure it's annoying to have your CC nullified by enemies buying resilience, but it's far more frustrating to be defenceless against opposing CC. I much prefer for me and the enemy to be able to cancel CC, as opposed to no one.

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    Incredible... In one second I found a typo - at least I hope it's a typo. Otherwise we will be drilling wells.



  • @DaddyOoker sorry about that... but you know he a can also buy haven, and more defensive perks like the stun/cc perk then what... your options that listed stuns are all canceled now leaving only specific ults and just focusing him js.

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    @AToxicMuffin Everyone can buy shields...

    Not exactly true about resilience. If Raum tries to Juggernaut and is stunned or crippled for even a millisecond the ability is stopped in it's tracks.

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    Congratulations on all the new dead you've caused. RIP to:

    Io (New bottom tier), Ash (Why did she get nerfed harder than EVERY OTHER TANK? She was actually FINE in her current state?), Raum (Trust me, he's dead), Furia (Beam changes are obvious massive nerfs, and her heals got badly nerfed), Buck (his changes are TERRIBLE and are debateably nerfs), Moji (Wait, are those NERFS to a low tier character?), Dredge (Most pathetic "buffs" I've ever seen), and Sha'Lin (Those are actually NERFS).

    Also, a list of the characters these changes will absolutely BREAK: Lian (BUFFS to a good character, thanks Lo-Rez), Bomb King (His CC will be CRAZY), Maeve (Straight up buffing the best flank in the game, but NERFING Moji and Buck... Seriously?), Torvald (New SS, don't think that takes a genius to figure out), Damba (Gourd talent is going to be absolutely busted, but RIP damage Damba), Barik (Archi buffs are crazy, though Tink will be absolutely useless), and Viktor (Cardio, just Cardio).

    Now that I read them, the changes are half and half. There's some great changes here, but also some REALLY egregious ones. Seriously WHAT IN THE F*** WERE THEY THINKING WITH THE TORV CHANGES?

    Also, the VGS changes were done SO WRONG. 😒 Like how could they screw up somerthing so easy so bad that people who've been playing the game have to COMPLETELY RELEARN HOW VGS WORKS? And I really DO NOT see the benefit to new players... At least VHS is gone. One positive out of that $#!+show.

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    Why do zero damage people get any credits.. This needs to stop.


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    My son convinces me to Q ranked... lol. How does a player's name (Evie) show different on the loading frame than the end of the match?



  • Not too happy about the constant chips to Grover's endurance without giving him much in the way of beneficial hostility.
    For a long time he did need team synergy, but Grovers ElimCDR is to much of a catalyst in a snowball while his ability to create one has forever been barred by lack of damage utility due to a 350 attack power cap on these items. You should not be playing with 4 other people picking up your slack as you are only a half decent supressor.

    With the looming potential of 1000 - 1750 HP barik turrets, near infinte ying clones and such, dozer currently does little to nothing for grover after nerfs and a %60 damage amp vs deployables will not help... what the hell is another 180ish damage on a 350 base damage.... 530 damage vs deployables... so 2 - 3 sustained shots at max rank in dozer compared to other champs in the roster like pip and mal who would be packing the utility to kill one in 1-2 shots with dozer, and alot faster then grover's attack rate can allow.
    After the wrecker and dozer nerfs, grover will just straight up have a hard time vs deployable shields and turrets giving him almost no reason whatsoever to take hostility items other then personal shield wrecker, or for anti heal to counter sustain healing that mitigates majority of your chipping damage without caut.

    Next patch sha gets a 1k damage, with 2s cripple attack, with faster travel time and confirmability range then the grover cripple, to be supressing tank and vital support mobility at that range in conjunction with allies dive its almost a calulated kill.
    His new ability has more then twice the damage and duration of an ability that used to make grover somewhat hostile as point denial and anti dive.
    My point is grover needs hostility utility as its bonkers fighting a FL Ying behind an army of clones as her hitscan and attack damage overpowers yours at all ranges due to the fact you will never be able to brake ying clones as grover.

    Not really the changes I wanted to see.

  • So what we all flank? This is all we're supposed to be... So what we smoke weed? Yeah we're young and we're asians!

    A twist on the Wiz Khalifa song

    Seriously, I cannot instalock for a single game in fucking Casuals because of so many people instalocking Skye, Zhin, Koga, or Androxus

  • Bring back the OB42 Torvald kit and health you cowards

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    F*** my last ranked game. The less I say about the lying, toxic, @$$hole that deserves nothing less than to be banned and to die a painful and miserable death in their real life (oh, yes, I'm willing to go that far, this piece of human garbage did with me), the better. Also, a Maeve that can't flank a Dredge needs to play a different champion. And if they can't, they should uninstall immediately.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @AToxicMuffin Well, I went against a Raum in a placement match last night - he's plat 3. Raum died the least on their team. Surprisingly, Fernando out damaged him.


  • 5 reasons I believe I should be playing in at least Gold III, not Silver I...

    1. I don't troll
    2. I always pick based on what my team needs, not what I want to play (no, seriously... I saw a troll who picks whatever he wants playing in Platinum IV because he always gets carried by his team)
    3. I am good with tanks, and I can heal just fine. Also, I usually carry games as DPS champions.
    4. I know proper talent picks, and proper loadouts...
    5. I know proper picks and bans to get good champions for first pick...

    Yet, here I am stuck in silver...

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